Want to work differently? A grant from the AIM Hallmarks Awards can help you

Now open for applications, the latest round of the  AIM Hallmarks Awards will make grants totalling around £70,000 in England and just over £20,000 in Wales.

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Welsh Government, the AIM Hallmarks Awards offer grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to help AIM member museums and heritage sites to begin to use the principles in the AIM Hallmarks to improve the way they work.

So, what type of project has been previously funded and how can you ensure you are successful? We talked to Catherine Allan, Chair of Trustees and Co Director from Rhayader Museum & Gallery in Wales who were successful in Round 2 to see how the Awards have benefited them – and what tips they could share to help your application.

Rhayader Museum & Gallery

AIM: Hi Catherine, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you explain why you decided to apply for the AIM Hallmarks Awards please?

CA: At Rhayader Museum and Gallery, we had already identified a project we wanted to work on and I felt that it would fit really well within the grant guidelines and would give us the opportunity to do the work. We had already trialled parts of the project – which was about recording local town and county shows – two years ago with volunteers so knew that what we wanted to do would be possible!

AIM: How did it enable you to work in new ways as an organisation?

CA: There were three aspects to this: using volunteers in new ways, using new technology and – especially – developing new kinds of community involvement. Encouraging people to record their community in various ways allows them to use new technology, take ownership of the process, to feel that their way of life is of value. It gives those who are not so skilled more confidence and improved social networks. It has allowed us to re-engage with sections of our community in ways we haven’t been able to do in a while.

AIM: How does the project AIM has funded fit in with your strategic priorities?

CA: Rhayader Museum and Gallery, has a mission statement which includes promoting participation in arts and heritage activity for social and cultural benefit, encouraging skill sharing and learning and using creative projects to celebrate and represent the area’s distinctive voices. We work in partnership with all ages and abilities to foster a sense of place, worth and confidence. As well as the project fitting in with the mission statement aims, it also fitted in with our aim as a museum, of growing our audience.

AIM: What did you apply to the AIM Hallmarks Awards to fund?

CA: We are a rural area and have four small agricultural shows around small town of Rhayader (population around 2,000.) Rhayader also has a large summer Carnival. Although some of the same people go to and take part in the Carnival, the events are very different in feel and content.

Carnival is a town celebration with a procession, a crowning of the Carnival Queen, visits from other towns with their floats and princesses and lots of people dressing up. Many different organisations take part and visitors come from far and wide. There is food and drink and live music all day coming from the local pubs and the streets are busy from late morning to evening.

The shows are much quieter and are the way the farming community and their families celebrate. Outsiders do come to them but they tend to be very local to the show fields or family members who have left the area. They feature events such as stock judging, handicraft and produce tent, duck and horse racing, pet shows etc. The bar is often a horse box.

It struck me that they also had a much more fragile feel. The shows are only just recovering from the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001. Foot and mouth is an ever-present danger, and with proposed changes in EU membership and farm subsidies, I felt we should be doing what we could to record a way of celebrating that might change substantially or even be lost. Recording both projects would also involve doing oral histories and collecting historic documents and photographs where possible.

There will also be film and written records for people to look at in the museum. Our geographic footprint will be improved as more visitors are able to access aspects of these events they may not have before. The project will allow people who would not normally be inclined to go into a museum to do so, or to access our work in different ways. Overall, the project will reflect back the community to itself and allow it to value how unique it is.

AIM: What was the AIM Hallmarks Awards application process like for you?

CA: My colleague, Krysia Bass, and myself both found the process of applying for a grant was much more straight forward than many. I am not a trained fundraiser and found it quite manageable.

AIM: That’s good to hear Catherine – so what advice or tips would you give to other organisations applying for an AIM Hallmarks Award in Round 3?

CA: I would say that the most important thing is to find a project you feel passionate about. If you don’t really care…why should anyone else? The second thing is obvious – make sure that what you want to do fits with AIM’s criteria. And lastly, have all the fairly tedious but necessary information and statistics about your organisation to hand.

AIM: We are looking forward to seeing how this unique project develops Catherine – so what do you think the legacy of the AIM Hallmarks Award will be for the museum and your community?

CA: I would say that the main legacies for our community will be that participants will be positively affected by the process of recording the shows. People will be able to look at what we produce and remember their experiences. Their children will be able to look back in time and see and hear significant people in their locality.

I hope we will benefit from a raised profile and good will. We will also be able to capture a way of life for future generations to learn from and enjoy finding out about. As we are a largely volunteer run organisation. I anticipate that people will see the value in our work and come forward to help us in the way they did when we were set up as a community arts organisation and community museum.

AIM: Thanks for your time Catherine. Finally, what would you say to encourage other AIM members to apply for an AIM Hallmarks Award?

CA: I would encourage people to go for the award. You will find the process easier than most. It will help you realise a project you feel passionate about or will help you to develop one. That in turn will allow you to revisit and re-evaluate who you are and what you do.

Application information for the AIM Hallmarks Awards

Offering grants of between £5,000 and £15,000, the AIM Hallmarks Awards help AIM member museums and heritage sites to begin to use the principles in the AIM Hallmarks to improve the way they work.

The third round of the AIM Hallmarks Awards is now open for AIM members in England and Wales with applications closing on 15 May 2017 – but how could you use an award in your museum?

The AIM Hallmarks Awards can be used by successful applicants in two distinct ways:

*To fund an organisational review: This can involve either review and planning, or taking forward new ways of working. Some museums might want to use the AIM Hallmarks as a framework to review their organisational health and can apply for this funding for support in planning future development

*To contribute to a project that supports applicant organisations to behave or develop differently: Museums which have already identified development needs reflecting the principles of the AIM Hallmarks, can apply for funding to put their ideas into practice and progress programmes of work which will enable them to become more resilient and to prosper in the future. Projects can be linked to any of the Hallmarks but must seek to support change at a strategic level and/or to have an impact on organisational culture and behaviour.

The AIM Hallmarks Awards have already helped AIM members in England and Wales to review their organisational health or to develop new ways of working and we strongly encourage potential applicants to discuss their ideas with AIM’s Assistant Director, Helen Wilkinson, before applying.

You can contact Helen by email: helenw@aim-museums.co.uk or by phone on: 0771 966 7102

All information about the AIM Hallmarks Awards including guidance notes and application form can be found on the AIM Hallmarks Awards page.

ACE and WG Logo

March AIM Member Trustee Vacancies

Can you spare some time to become a Trustee at an AIM member organisation? If so, the following AIM members would love to hear from you.


Charles Dickens Museum (London)

We are looking for up to four new members for the Board, with the ability to think strategically, to review management reports and financial information, to assess and manage risk, and to develop sound forward plans to ensure an exciting and sustainable future for the Museum. Significant experience in at least one of the following areas:

Finance: applicants with accountancy qualifications would be particularly welcome.

Museum collections and curatorial matters.

Retail: helping the Museum to maximise income from its shop, online sales, and café.

Social inclusion: connecting Dickens’s work and writings on social deprivation with modern day issues

Contact details for applicants to find out more:  Cindy Sughrue, Director, Charles Dickens Museum


Further Information http://dickensmuseum.com/pages/vacancies-at-the-dickens-museum

Museum Website http://dickensmuseum.com

Number of vacancies: 4 meetings per annum/time commitment: 6 meetings and one Away Day

Daytime or evening meetings: afternoon/evening

Closing date: 24 April 2017


Wiltshire Museum (Devizes)

The Wiltshire Museum in Devizes has outstanding collections of national and local importance. Run by a charity founded in 1853 we are examining exciting new opportunities and are seeking new trustees to help shape our future. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you have skills or experience in marketing, audience development, developing projects or assisting with fundraising. However, if you have other skills that you can offer, then please do get in touch.

Contact details for applicants to find out more: www.wiltshiremuseum.org.uk/news/index.php?Action=8&id=194&page=0

Museum Website www.wiltshiremuseum.org.uk

Number of vacancies: 2 Number of meetings per annum/time commitment: 5 Daytime or evening meetings: Evening

Closing date: 7 April


Cogges Heritage Trust (Oxfordshire)

We are looking for someone who: is willing to challenge, brings new ideas and new perceptions to Cogges • has a youthful approach, irrespective of their age • demonstrates entrepreneurial qualities All Trustees must be able to exhibit: • integrity • a commitment to the organisation and its objectives • an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship • a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as a trustee. This includes attending several Board Meetings per year alongside Committee Meetings. A trustee also undertakes tasks linked to projects which are borne out of the Board and Committee Meetings • strategic vision • good, independent judgement • an ability to think creatively • willingness to speak their mind • an ability to work effectively as a member of a team

Museum Website http://www.cogges.org.uk/

Number of Vacancies 2 Number of Meetings 12 Mainly evenings

Contact Details for applicants to find out more:

Richard Munro munro@clara.co.uk Potential trustees are also invited to attend the Private View of Cogges’ Artist in Residence on 31st March 6pm to 8pm

Closing Date

30th April 2017


Pen Museum (Birmingham)

Interest in and commitment to the heritage of the Steel Pen Trade and Birmingham more widely • A readiness and ability to play a role in fundraising/development activities • Fair, impartial and open to new ideas Skills • The ability to think creatively and strategically, demonstrating good judgment and analytical ability • Good communication, team-working, and interpersonal skills, demonstrating tact, diplomacy and the ability to build and manage strong relationships and networks • An ability to command respect among local, regional and national stakeholders – acting as an ambassador for the Association. We are looking to recruit new Trustees to join our established board to help steer the organisation through its next exciting phase. We would like to hear from people with strong backgrounds in leadership and development.

Museum Website http://penmuseum.org.uk/

Contact Details Nigel Evans nigel.evans@penmuseum.org.uk

Number of Vacancies 4 Number of Meetings 6 meetings around 2 hours each in the Evening

Closing Date

01 May 2017

view into the melon ground

Image: Courtesy of Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust


Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust (Birmingham area)

A Trustee/Hon. Treasurer to maintain an overview of the financial affairs and to prepare for annual audits. We need accountant level support, especially to drive through the transition to more modern software and systems integrated with our growing café, retail and membership/volunteer base. We are a very small charity with minimal staff but loyal volunteers – who ably manage day to day transactions and management, but need help to go ‘cloudwards’. 4 trustee meetings per year, but more time likely to be needed to effect the change.”

Website http://castlebromwichhallgardens.org.uk/

Contact Details

Genmanagercbhgt@gmail.com and Simon Cleaver, Chair of Trustees sjcleaver52@gmail.com

Number of Vacancies 1 Number of Meetings 4 and preparation of accounts etc. Evening Meetings

Closing Date

Open until position filled


Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust (Somerset)

The Trust is looking for new Trustees too continue and to build upon the work the that has been ongoing for the past 50 years; that of keeping alive the history and importance of the Somerset and Dorset Railway through preservation, custodianship, display and interpretation of material evidence. We are seeking a new generation of Trustees to assist in developing the Trust for the future. All applicants are welcome; we are particularly interested in hearing from those with experience in the following: Development Planning (preferably with some knowledge of HLF funding), Forward Planning, Management of Volunteers (Including Recruitment) and Publicity/Press.

Website http://www.sdrt.org/

Number of Vacancies 4 Number of Meetings 6 Board Daytime Meetings

Contact Details

chairman@sdrt.org Godfrey Baker Tel. 01308 424630 Chairman-Godfrey Baker

Closing Date



Gilbert White’s and the Oates Collections (Hampshire)

Gilbert White’s and the Oates Collections is a go-ahead and innovative independent museum in Selborne, north east Hampshire. We were founded by a member of the Oates family to commemorate the 18th century naturalist Gilbert White, and Captain Lawrence Oates, the polar explorer, and Frank Oates, who explored in Southern Africa and central America in the late nineteenth century. We offer exhibitions on all three men, and in addition White’s garden, restored to its 18th century designs, and a Field Studies Centre visited by 4000 school children a year. Current visitor numbers are 22,000 and these are expected to grow considerably over the next few years. With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund we will shortly start the delivery of a £3m project to improve the museum’s facilities and interpretation, and to promote resilience and sustainability for the foreseeable future. We have excellent staff and a committed, specialist and energetic group of trustees. A chartered accountant is sought by Gilbert White’s and the Oates Collections to join the trustees with particular responsibility for the oversight of management accounting and the annual final report and accounts. You would be joining a high quality and friendly group of trustees and ideally would need to live within 30 miles of Selborne (postcode GU34 3JH). There are four trustee meetings a year, and four meetings of the Executive and Finance Committee which examines the organisation’s work and finances in detail every quarter. We have excellent staff, including two Co-Directors and a strong accounting team. Our charity business structure is currently being reorganised to reflect modern requirements This role would suit a recently-retired or self-employed individual seeking to join a strong team at the start of a very interesting time.

Website http://www.gilbertwhiteshouse.org.uk/

Number of Vacancies 1 Number of Meetings 8 daytime meetings plus occasional visits

Contact Details Chairman of Trustees, Dr Rosemary Irwin  Emmail: rosemaryshirwin@gmail.com

Closing Date



Coldharbour Mill Trust (Devon)

We’re looking to recruit trustees with experience and expertise primarily in business/finance management, marketing/PR/events management, fund-raising/income generation, heritage management/museum development, building project management. Also in retail, catering, law, textile production/engineering, education. Established 1982 in an 18th century former spinning mill, this small independent museum relies chiefly on donations, grants and self-generated income from admissions and events. Our USP is that visitors see yarn and textile production on vintage machinery, also the factory’s original power sources. A recent substantive HLF grant kick-started an ambitious long-term Development Plan, aiming to establish our Museum as premier textile heritage centre in SW UK.

Website https://www.coldharbourmill.org.uk/

Number of Vacancies 4 Number of Meetings

12 daytime midweek board meetings approx 2 hours, plus committee/working party meetings as required

Contact Details

For more information or to register interest, please contact Mrs S G Wasfi, Board Secretary, c/o the address given above, or email: sgwasfi@btinternet.com

Closing Date



Museums And Heritage Sites Can Sign Up for Children’s Art Week 2017

engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, has just announced that Children’s Art Week is back for 2017, running from Saturday 10 until Sunday 18 June. Venues and schools across the UK are urged to sign up and participate in this growing campaign to spark children’s imaginations and encourage their creativity.

Events can be held almost anywhere; from galleries, arts centres and museums, to libraries, heritage sites, schools and community centres. In 2016 more than 13,000 people took part in 109 events across 95 venues. The intention of the organisers is to make 2017’s Children’s Art Week bigger and more successful than it’s ever been before.

ARMA 2014 Workshops / New Walk Museum and Art Gallery / Maria Za

Venues interested in organising an event can register on the Children’s Art Week website until 8 May. The first 45 venues to register will be offered £50 grant towards costs. Participating venues will receive support to run, publicise and brand their events, including stickers, logos and press release templates.

Thanks to the support of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts (NADFAS), engage are offering 10 grants of £75 on a first come, first served basis, to venues who wish to hold a visual arts event with a NADFAS society, or for NADFAS societies who partner with a museum, gallery or visual arts organisation on a visual arts event.

Please note that only one grant can be awarded per organisation/gallery/museum. If you receive a £75 grant, you will not be eligible for the £50 grant.

 For further information please visit www.childrensartweek.org.uk

You can also follow engage on Twitter @engagevisualart  

Or use the hashtag #ChildrensArtWeek for updates, or search for ‘engageinthevisualarts’ on Facebook.

LOGO Children's Art Week 10 - 18 JUNE 2017

AIM Hallmarks Awards: Final Round Now Open For Applications

The third and final round of the AIM Hallmarks Awards is now open for AIM members in England and Wales with applications closing on 15 May 2017. Offering grants of between £5,000 and £15,000, the AIM Hallmarks Awards help AIM member museums and heritage sites to begin to use the principles in the AIM Hallmarks to improve the way they work.

This can involve either review and planning, or taking forward new ways of working. For example, in Round 1 of the AIM Hallmarks Awards, The Lightbox Museum and Art Gallery in Woking used their grant to work more effectively with millennials, which you can read about HERE. Organisational review projects funded include one for Amgeudffa Pontypool Museum.

LB large

The Lightbox Museum and Art Gallery in Woking used their grant to work more effectively with millennials (Photo credit: The Lightbox)

Work funded by an AIM Hallmarks Award must be demonstrably central to an applicant museum’s organisational development and closely linked to the museum’s strategic plan. Where possible, we are keen for projects to innovate, trialling approaches or ways of working which are either wholly new to the museum sector, or new to museums of a particular kind or size. In Round 2, for example, the Royal West of England Academy received funding to trial offering executive training away days to corporate clients as a means of income generation.

Helen Wilkinson, AIM Assistant Director, said: “We’re really open to a wide range of proposals – either for doing some serious thinking about the future of your museum, or testing out an idea you already have. We’re looking for fresh thinking and energy above all else – could you use a Hallmark Award to lay the foundations for a new way of working?”

Who Has Already Benefitted From An AIM Hallmarks Award?

In the second round of awards, five were made to museums and heritage sites in England, and three to museums in Wales.

Successful applicants in England were:

Radstock Museum in Somerset, awarded £12,000 for a project to remodel the main permanent displays in the gallery to reflect its name change to Somerset Coalfield Life at Radstock Museum. In doing so, the museum hopes to attract a wider and more diverse audience and enhance their learning offer to engage schools.

Seven Stories and the Mary Rose Trust both awarded funding for in house programmes of leadership development for staff (£8720 for Mary Rose Trust and £11,660 for Seven Stories).

Priest’s House Museum, Dorset, awarded £10,000 for an organisational review.

Brantwood Trust, awarded £7,842.00 for a project to share Ruskin’s ideas with a wider audience through collections digitisation and videos for its website.

Royal West of England Academy, awarded £9,060.00 for a project to develop packages of executive development training, using the museum’s collections, as a means of income generation.


Priest’s House Museum, Dorset, awarded £10,000 for an organisational review

And in Wales:

Cardiff Story Museum awarded £8000 for a marketing review, to enable it to improve its financial resilience.

Rhayader Museum and Gallery, awarded £10,590 for a project to document local town and country shows, using volunteers in innovative ways.

Pontypool Museum, awarded £5000 towards the costs of an organisational review.

How To Apply

AIM Hallmarks Awards in England

AIM Hallmarks Awards in Wales

The third round of the AIM Hallmarks Awards is now open for AIM members in England and Wales with applications closing on 15 May 2017.

If you are considering making an application to the final round of the Hallmarks Awards, guidance notes to support your application are available here AIM Hallmarks Awards

Or you can email Helen Wilkinson on helenw@aim-museums.co.uk.






AIM Launches Collection Care Audit Scheme For Smaller Museums

AIM has just launched a new scheme in partnership with Icon to enable small museums to undertake a basic, professional collections care audit. The audits will be carried out by an accredited conservator to help smaller AIM members (museums with up to 20,000 visitors a year) identify key issues and priorities for their museum.

Funded by the Pilgrim Trust, the scheme will support museums to care for their collections more effectively and efficiently in the long-term, to meet the standards required for Accreditation and will give museums the option to undertake an audit before making a full application to the AIM Collections Care Grant Scheme.


Part of the collections at The Coffin Works, Birmingham 

The funded support will be £1,050 (£350 per day) plus travel and VAT if necessary to cover the costs of the accredited conservator undertaking the audit. Grants will be paid in full to the museum on agreement of the Audit and receipt of the conservator’s report. The grant pays for three days’ work, not all of which will be onsite at the museum.

Applications are now open with a closing date of 31 March. Full information about the scheme and an application form can be found here: AIM Collections Care Audit Scheme


Grants For AIM Conference From The Federation Of Museums & Art Galleries Of Wales

The Federation of Museums & Art Galleries of Wales is offering grants under its Training and Conference Grant programme to enable museum staff (paid or volunteers) in Wales to attend the Association of Independent Museum 2017 Conference.

The 2017 AIM Conference will be held at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, from 24 – 26 June; details here: AIM National Conference 2017


AIM National Conference an ideal opportunity to mix with other staff and volunteers from independent museums

*Grants are available up to 90% of cost per person to contribute towards conference fees, travel, the conference dinner and two nights’ accommodation.

*First come first served (limited funding available)

*Priority to independent museums, and museum mentors / museum development officers

*Not normally more than 2 per museum (in addition to a museum mentor)

*Early bird discounts on conference fees for AIM members before 28 April. The Federation of Museums & Art Galleries of Wales expect you to apply for these rates.

This is an ideal opportunity to mix with other staff and volunteers in independent museums. It is a very friendly conference, and focuses on practical issues presented by people who have done it. Those who went in previous years found it very useful.

Note: other Federation Grant eligibility rules apply. The application form can be downloaded here:


Please direct any queries to John Marjoram, Federation Development Officer at: john@arenig.demon.co.uk 




BAfM – The Robert Logan Award 2017

This Award is open to candidates under 30 years old working in The Heritage Sector and offers a prize of £500 in memory of Robert Logan, BAfM Chairman 1994-1998.

Robert Logan was a former Chairman of The British Association of Friends of Museums (BAfM) who while in office, was killed in a climbing accident. He was particularly interested in promoting and encouraging young people in The Heritage Sector and it was with these ideals in mind that this award was set up. This Award is open to candidates under 30 working in The Heritage Sector.


Winner of the 2015 BAFM Robert Logan Award was Jasmine Farram of Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. Jasmine’s project gave local teens the opportunity to take part in part in ‘selfie’ workshops run by Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery as part of an outreach opportunity to secondary schools in the borough.

Who can apply?

Applicants should be engaged on a project which fulfills the following criteria:

*Made an outstanding contribution to your Museum or Institute

*Improved the Museum experience

*Attracted a wider audience


2015 winner Jasmine Farram, pictured with Award Administrator Anne Stobo and BAFM Chairman Bernard Rostron

How to apply?

Please submit an outline of your project, a maximum of 200 words by 1 May 2017

The project must have started after August 2015 and can be current

A full submission of approximately 1,500 words, should be submitted to the Administrator by the 1st August 2017

The Award will be presented at The Annual BAfM Conference which will this year be in London on 30 September 2017 where the winner will be the guest of BAfM and have the opportunity of meeting delegates from Museum Friends Groups and professionals from all over the UK

Further details, including an entry form, are available on the BAfM website:

BAfM – The Robert Logan Award 2017

Or download an application form here:





Still Time To Enter The Museums + Heritage Awards – Volunteers Of The Year Award

To celebrate the work of volunteers across the heritage sector, AIM has once again partnered with the Museums + Heritage Awards for the Volunteers of the Year Award 2017. Sponsored by BDRC Continental, nominations for the award will close at midnight on 1 February 2017.


A great night at the Museum + Heritage Awards 2016 – could it be you this year? (Photo credit: Simon Callaghan Photography)

Designed to be a real boon for those who work so hard to make a difference, this category is free of charge to enter and is open to all museums, galleries gardens, landscapes and heritage visitor attractions across the UK.

“It was total shock to win,” said Den Baker, a Volunteer at the RNLI Henry Blogg Museum who scooped the Volunteers of the Year Award 2016. “We knew nothing about this Awards system before we were nominated and sitting in the audience on the night and hearing that we had won was just amazing!”

Bobby Ogogo, from Horniman Museum & Gardens who was the winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award 2016 said: “Thank you, thank you so much, it is such a privilege.”

If you would like to nominate your volunteers, please visit the following link for all information:

Still Time To Enter: Museums + Heritage Volunteers Of The Year Award

Nominations for the award will close at midnight on 1 February 2017.

The Museums Association Salary Survey 2017

The Museums Association has a long track record of publishing salary guidelines for the sector. Incomes Data Research are an independent specialist pay research organisation, working on behalf of The Museums Association to update and analyse this work.

Your participation in this survey will be hugely valuable. By completing the survey, you will help to create a clear and accurate benchmarking tool which can be used by museums and museum employees across the UK.


Who should fill in this survey?

The relevant person in your museum with a good oversight of pay and benefits. In larger museums, this is likely to be a member of the Human Resources or Finance department.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is 5pm Friday 10th February, and the results will be freely available on The Museums Association website in the spring.

How to complete this survey?

To participate please follow the link below. You will be able to save and edit your responses until the survey closes. The survey is also available as a PDF which can be downloaded below.

Survey online: The Museums Association Salary Survey 2017

Survey PDF: museums-survey

All information collected in the survey will be treated as confidential and in line with the Data Protection Act. No museum will be named in the analysis, so you can be assured that your responses will remain anonymous.

If you have any questions, please contact Claire de Bond on 01702 330651 or clairedebond@incomesdataresearch.co.uk


Consultant/s Sought For Groundbreaking Diversifying Museum Visitors Project

Increasing the diversity of their visitors is one of the aims of many museums. It directly relates to the core purpose of museums, as well as offering the opportunity to support museums’ sustainability. Whilst there have been previous studies in the museum and related sectors, progress towards this goal has been limited for the majority of museums.

We are seeking a consultant or consultants to undertake a UK-wide project, the purpose of which is to help museums to increase the diversity of their core visitors. The key focus of the project is on providing tools and guidance to help museums make long-term change in their organisations to achieve this.


We expect the project to include a review of existing literature, examination of case studies and production of guidance, toolkits, frameworks or other types of support, which should be co-produced with a range of different types of museums. Consultants are also asked to make recommendations about actions that sector support organisations should take and about rolling out the outcomes of this project, as well as long-term evaluation.

The project is led by the Association of Independent Museums, in partnership with Arts Council England, Museums Association, Museums Galleries Scotland, National Museums Northern Ireland and Welsh Government. There is a budget of up to £25,000. The work is to be completed by Autumn 2017.

Consultants or consortia interested in applying should download the Invitation to Tender below:

Invitation to Tender Diversifying Museum Visitors

Proposals should be submitted to tamalie@aim-museums.co.uk by 5pm on 16 Feb 2017