AIM Launches New Website For The UK Museum And Heritage Sector

The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) has just launched its new website with free resources and publications, a section for heritage trustees and event listings. The website includes AIM’s own online content combined with new and useful sections such as case studies from UK museums and heritage sector news and has been designed to be viewable on mobile phones and tablets so you can stay in touch with AIM on the move. It can be found at

AIM’s website has long been a valuable hub of information for the museum sector, but the new version has been designed to make AIM updates and resources much easier to find by bringing together resources on similar topics in the same pages. The Latest News section which will cover hot topics, grants, jobs and events from across the sector to help keep AIM members and other heritage organisations updated on the latest opportunities.

“We know that the new design is going to make a real difference to how easy it is for people to find the support and advice they are looking for and most importantly, we want members to be able to find out more about what each other are doing through the introduction of case studies and stories from different museums across the UK,” said Tamalie Newbery, AIM’s Executive Director.

The AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums also has a designated section and fresh content will be added to this in the coming year and a new menu at the side of each page will visitors find information about AIM grant schemes and other benefits quickly. Funded by Arts Council England and  developed with the support of website developers, Grit Digital, the new website showcases all AIM’s social media platforms on the homepage to allow for greater interaction between AIM and its members.

“We have listened to feedback from our members and improved the functionality of the site and reworked its visual appeal to include interactive elements and modern imagery and we hope the new layout will help to save heritage sector organisations time when searching for what they need,” said Sassy Hicks, Membership, Marketing and Projects Manager at AIM.

From 21 April 2017, please view all AIM news and sector updates on the main AIM website at:

This blog will remain open to allow AIM members access to old posts, but all future posts will be published on the new AIM website.

Thank you for supporting this blog over the past three years.

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