Save Your Museum Money This Winter With The AIM Energy Action Group

If you are keen to save your museum or heritage site money, then the free to join AIM Energy Action Group is a great place to start. Run in partnership with DTA Wales, the group can advise you on the best energy supplier, the correct tariff for your organisation and can add you to the AIM energy bulk buying basket to ensure you get the best deals on your energy costs.

UK gas prices are directly linked to the cost of oil and with nearly half of the electricity produced in the UK generated by gas, now is a good time to lock in energy contracts for the longer term. Overall, prices have risen by at least 10% since last March when we launched the very successful AIM Energy Action Group 2016 Basket so make sure you secure the best pricing while you can.

Now is a good time to get quotes to lock in prices for the longer term to provide some very useful budget security at a relatively low price as prices tend to harden as we move more strongly into winter temperatures and demand increases. The benefits of fixed procurement are evident and include:

*Price protection – Contract prices are fixed for the contract duration.

*Budget certainty – Budgets can be predicted and therefore managed

*Security – Provides protection from volatility in the energy market.


But to take advantage of these reduced energy costs, you must ensure that you are with the most competitive supplier and on the correct tariff. This can be a confusing and time consuming task, but the AIM Energy Action Group can provide all the free advice you need to help cut your energy bills.

“We would urge all museums who so far have not taken up this free service to request quotes now on all contracts coming to an end between now and late 2016,” said Ken Shaw, Head of Enterprise at AIM Energy Action Group.

To take part in the AIM Energy Action Group, please visit the website for further information: AIM Energy Action Group

Or email Ken Shaw at:

Or telephone: 02920 259560

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