AIM Biffa Award: History Makers £1 million Funding Programme Is Open

The AIM Biffa Award funded  ‘History Makers – People who helped to shape our world’ £1 million funding programme is now open for applications and the closing date for the first annual round will be 31 October 2016. History Makers will fund museums to create new exhibitions that will inspire the public through the lives and achievements of extraordinary, historical figures who have made a significant impact on the industrial, scientific, commercial or social history of the UK, shaping the world we live in today.

The programme is a partnership between Biffa Award and AIM and it will run over three years, awarding grants to AIM member museums of up to £75,000. £300,000 will be distributed in the first round. It builds on the very successful collaboration between AIM and Biffa Award from 2012-2014, which saw £1.5m invested in National Heritage Landmark Projects, saving some of the UK’s most important industrial heritage. The programme is open to AIM members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, whose sites are in geographic proximity to Biffa Award operations, as required by the Landfill Communities Fund.

Weather Deck 2 - credit John Rowley.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Brunel’s ss Great Britain ©John Rowley

‘History Makers’ will enable the creation of new museum displays which will connect the public with the personal stories and achievements of both famous, and less-well known, historic figures. Through their lives, a new generation will be inspired by the qualities behind their successes, such as ingenuity, bravery, persistence, endeavour, imagination and insight. Many objects and collections will be displayed publicly for the first time to illuminate these stories.

“The AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme will support AIM member museums by funding exhibitions and displays that will celebrate the achievements of the men and women that have helped to shape our history. This is an exciting opportunity for museums to tell the story of these extraordinary people and the Biffa Award funding will also enable museums to create online resources that can be shared globally,” said Tamalie Newbery, Executive Director of AIM.

“We’re thrilled to support such an exciting project with a grant from the Landfill Communities Fund. History Makers, will enable people to explore the personal stories behind some of the great figures of our past, and help to bring these fascinating chapters of our social history to life!” said Gillian French; Biffa Award, Head of Grants


How to apply

Please visit the AIM website for all information about the AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme by clicking here: AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme

If you have any questions or need help, please email Justeen Stone at:

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