Women’s History Network – Community History Prize

Women’s History Network – Community History Prize

sponsored by the History Press

Have you worked with a community group to find out more about the history of local women in the last 12 months? This annual prize of £500 is awarded to the team behind a Community History Project by, about, or for Women in a particular locale or community which has been completed between the 1 January 2015 and 31 May 2016.

The project activity must have led to the production of a documentary, pamphlet, book, exhibition, artefact or event. Deadline for nominations is 31 May 2016.

WHM CommHist Prize poster 2016

The Prize will be judged by a panel of representatives drawn from the Women’s History Network (WHN), The History Press, heritage professionals and community historians. It will be awarded at the WHN National Conference in Leeds in September 2016. To see details of last year’s winning project, and those awarded Highly Commended status see http://bit.ly/1VDZWDp.

The Women’s History Network is a national association and charity for the promotion of women’s history and the encouragement of women and men interested in women’s history. Established in 1991, the network reaches out to welcome women and men from any background who share a passion for women’s history.

For more information about the History Press visit http://bit.ly/1JBv4MV.

For further details of the Women’s History Network and conference visit http://womenshistorynetwork.org

For further details of how to enter and to obtain a copy of the application form please email maggie.andrews@worc.ac.uk

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