Helping Museum Trustees to Get Ahead: Free AIM Governance Sessions

Being a museum or heritage trustee is a rewarding but sometimes daunting task, so as part of the AIM Hallmarks Governance Programme, AIM has introduced a series of special sessions tailored to meet the needs of trustees today.

These free sessions are suitable for all trustees: you might be a new trustee and unsure of your responsibilities or a more experienced trustee who would like the opportunity to network and share your experiences with others – no matter what your background, these sessions will help you to gain confidence in your role.

Supported by Arts Council England and sponsored by Development Partners, each session will show you how to strengthen governance in your museum to help it prosper and thrive. The sessions will also inspire and revitalise the way you work by offering fresh thinking, a chance for reflection and a mutually supportive peer network.

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The sessions will inspire and revitalise the way you work by offering fresh thinking, a chance for reflection and a mutually supportive peer network


Participants will benefit from:

*A session covering the roles and responsibilities of Trustees led by a governance expert

*The chance to share ideas and experiences with Trustees from other museums in your region

*An overview of the AIM Hallmarks Governance Programme: the chance to find out how the AIM Hallmarks can support your museum, and to request further support

*The opportunity to build a mutually supportive peer network

*The chance to sign up for the new AIM Trustees newsletter, further workshops, Chairs’ lunch at AIM Conference in Edinburgh and future funding news

*Refreshments and AIM governance material will also be included

*At most events, trustees will also have the opportunity to visit the host museums, with tours offered in some cases

“Good governance is critical to the success of an organisation, but can sometimes be put aside due to the day to day operations,” explained Rachel Hunter, who along with Marilyn Scott will be leading the sessions on behalf of AIM. “These sessions will give Trustees the chance to focus on their role, to assess how they contribute and to think about where governance features on their board agendas.”

Dates and Venues

Woking: The Lightbox – 14 March 2016 (3-5pm)

Exeter: The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery – 15 March 2016 (3 – 5pm)

London: The Museum of the Order of St John– 16 March 2016 (3-5pm)

Manchester: The People’s History Museum – 23 March 2016 (2.30 – 4.30pm)

York:  The Bar Convent – 13 April 2016 (3-5pm)

Coventry:  The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum– 14 April 2016 (3 – 5pm)

Newcastle: Seven Stories – 18 April 2016 (3 – 5pm)

Nottingham: Galleries of Justice Museum – 19 April 2016 (3 – 5pm)

Cambridge: Hughes Hall – 20 April 2016 (3 – 5pm)

Further information about each venue, websites and directions: AIM Hallmarks Governance Programme

Event Schedule

Welcome and introductions

Presentation: Strengthening your museum with better governance

Discussion: Roles and responsibilities, leadership for trustees and for managers

The AIM Hallmarks Governance Programme: Your chance to find out more

Tea, cake and networking

How To Book

Please download a form:  booking-form-trustee-events-2 and email it to:

Governance Session Information Sheet: Trustee Sessions Information Sheet

If you can’t attend any of these sessions but would like to subscribe to the new AIM Governance newsletter, please email:

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