BAFM Travel Award Bursary 2016

The British Association of Friends of Museums (BAFM) is now offering a new bi-annual travel award. The winners may be either totally committed volunteers of any age, devoting many hours to his/her museum or gallery, or young professionals about to start on their careers in the museum world.

Travel could be either in this country or abroad and winners would spend time there, working behind the scenes, in order to extend their experience and make contacts for the future. Alternatively the placement could be in the form of a short duration internship, or the chance to work alongside a respected specialist.

Bafm 1

“This is an opportunity for a young person at the start of their museum career, or for a mature volunteer that would like to visit other museums to see the work undertaken. Whether you are 18 or 70, this award could help you gain new experiences to help your own museum,” explained Kate Kuhn, the Robert Logan Award Administrator at BAFM.

“Many years ago, I won a bursary to study in Zurich and never looked back. I am delighted that BAFM is now able to offer this opportunity,” said Alan Swerdlow, Regional Co-ordinator for BAFM.

Thanks to the most generous support of an anonymous donor, BAFM are able to commence the scheme in 2016. There will be one or more awards of up to a total of £2,000 available on each of three alternate years. This award will be made in the alternate years to BAFM’s Robert Logan Award.

Applicants are asked to submit a short paper of not more than 500 words on what they hope to achieve by:

*spending time at the particular venue

*the benefits to their career or organisation

*providing an indication of the total cost of the proposal in their submission.

bafm 2

The closing date for applications is 30 April 2016 and full information and an application form can be found on the BAFM website

BAFM Travel Award Bursary 2016   



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