How Does Your Marketing Compare? National Attractions Marketing Conference Survey

Would you like to know how your marketing activities compare against the sector?  Qa Research is conducting a survey of UK attractions about their marketing activities, attitudes and habits.

The findings will be presented at the National Attractions Marketing Conference  on 11th February and also sent out to any attractions not attending the conference but who complete the survey.

All the information will be treated in the strictest confidence with the data reported back by broad categories (e.g. large, medium, small attractions); no attraction will be named so your answers will be anonymised and confidential.

The survey is open until Sunday 7th February, consists of ten questions and should take less than five minutes to complete.

 National Attractions Marketing Conference Survey

Explaining why the survey is useful for individual museums and the sector as a whole, Nick How, Research Director at Qa said:

“How does my marketing activity and how I allocate my limited resources compare to other museums?  Am I behind the curve when it comes to social media and digital marketing?  What marketing approaches do others find most effective? Our sector research is looking to answer these questions so museums will be able to compare their marketing activities with what others are doing.  The more museums that take part in the survey, the more robust and useful the data will be.  For the investment of less than 5 minutes of your time museums taking part will receive a free copy of the research findings which may help inform your future marketing plans.”


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