AIM Tender Opportunity

Many museums are facing difficult financial times and are looking at ways of increasing their income. For an increasing number this includes considering introducing admission charges.

For museums thinking of taking this step, there are many strongly held views to consider. There are plenty of examples of successful museums that do charge for admission, but there is a paucity of evidence about what the impact of moving from free admission to a charged model might be: on their museum’s visitors, reputation, visitor income and secondary spend.

AIM, working with Arts Council England, wishes to commission research which will fill this gap and enable museums to make evidence-based decisions about whether charging for admission is right for them, how to manage the transition effectively and what the impacts might be.

Proposals are invited from consultants with experience of this type of study and should be submitted by 19th January 2016.

The brief and details of how to submit a proposal can be downloaded below.

Invitation to Tender AIM Admission charges


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