AIM Special Survey: Business Rates – How do they affect you?

AIM Special Survey: Business Rates – How do they affect you?

Over the past year, AIM has been working hard to help reduce the burden of business rates for our members – but now we need your help.

We have actively campaigned to make business rates fairer for all and have worked with Arts Council England to make sure that museums, galleries and heritage sites are listened to by government.

To make a greater impact, we really need your support, opinions and input to reinforce our campaigning and to ensure that politicians understand how business rates are affecting this sector. AIM believes that together, we can make real changes that will benefit everyone.

If you are connected to a UK museum, gallery or heritage site now is your opportunity to make a difference by completing our survey on business rates so that we can demonstrate how significant this issue is. The survey will only take five minutes to complete.

All UK Museums, galleries and heritage sites can take part in the survey and you don’t have to be an AIM member to give us your feedback.

The survey can be found here:

Please complete the survey by 5pm on Friday 18th September or sooner if convenient.

Background information to support this survey is available here:

A report will be created from the survey results in the coming weeks and will be made available publically.

Thank you for your time and support.


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