Grants for conservation of manuscripts – deadline 1st October 2015

The National Manuscripts Conservation Trust offers grants for the conservation and preservation of manuscripts and archives.  Since the NMCT was founded in 1990 it has awarded grants of nearly £2.5m, which have enabled the conservation of hundreds of musical, literary, architectural and other vital historical documents that would otherwise have been lost or faced an uncertain future.

The next deadline for the submission of applications is 1st October 2015 and the results will be announced in mid-June. If you want to plan ahead, the deadline after that is 1st April 2016.

We welcome grant applications from non-national institutions such as county record offices, museums, university archives or Special Collections sections, Cathedral archives and libraries, as well as owners of manuscripts that are exempt from capital taxation or owned by a charitable trust.  Our grants can cover conservation, binding and other preservation measures, including digitisation (providing it is part of a wider conservation project).

The significance of the collection or items to be conserved, as well as the proposed conservation treatment are carefully reviewed by Trustees when making their decisions.  The National Archives provides an expert opinion on all application and this informs the Trustees’ considerations.

Among the current recipients of NMCT grants are:

  • The Bankes Family archive: Dorset History Centre
  • The Streel archives of Wales: Archives and Records Council Wales
  • Aberdeen County Assessed Tax Rolls 1799-1832: Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives
  • Derbyshire Record Office: Conserving the archives of the lead mining industry
  • Winchester Cathedral: Conservation of the 12th century Winchester Bible

Applications must be submitted on our application form, which you can download from our website: If, having consulted our website, you have any queries about whether your project is eligible etc please do contact Mrs Nell Hoare, who manages the Trust.  You can contact her either through the NMCT’s website or at

*Information taken from a press release issued by The National Manuscripts Conservation Trust 


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