Trustee and Governance Training Opportunities

Having a proactive and fully engaged board of Trustees is a valuable asset for any museum, no matter what its size.

In the recently published AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums, Governance is featured as a key characteristic, so to help your board gain confidence in their roles, we have gathered together some upcoming training opportunities  and other information that that may be helpful for your Trustees.

Further information on good governance can be found in the AIM ‘Golden Rules for Good Governance’. You can download this as a PDF: AIM Golden Rules for Good Governance

AIM also publishes a Success Guide covering Governance issues in Independent Museums. You can download this as a PDF: AIM Success Guide – Successful Governance in Independent Museums

Trustees of Independent Museums and Heritage sites are also welcome to subscribe to the monthly AIM E-News as individuals to help them keep informed about the latest independent sector news. Sign up HERE

AIM can provide a training grant to help you cover the cost of travel, fees and accommodation (where distance travel is involved). The next round of training grant applications closes on September 9 2015 and further details about this scheme can be found here: AIM Training Grant

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Governance Training Opportunities August – October 2015

UK Wide Training

Online Learning

*Community Action Suffolk (Free training)

*Civil Society Training (Training fees start at £195)

Understanding governance stage 1: The trustee role – London

16 September 2015

A course for new and experienced trustees

Board leadership stage 1: High-performance boards-London

23 September 2015

A course on governance for both experienced and new chairs and chief executives

Understanding governance stage 2: Governance in practice – Birmingham

6 October 2015

A course for experienced trustees

Finance for trustees

7 October 2015

Gain the knowledge and confidence to monitor and question financial information

Further courses from the Civil Society can be found HERE

*Association of Chairs training (Training fees are free for most events)

Protecting your reputation and managing the media: what Chairs need to know and do

15 September 2015

The reputation of the sector has been under intense pressure in recent weeks, so this is a timely briefing from specialist law firm Harbottle & Lewis.

Charity accounts in sixty minutes

8 October 2015

Do you feel charity finance is a dark art? Is this something you’re perhaps too happy to leave to your finance or audit committee? Or do you just need a refresher?

Further courses from the Association of Chairs can be found HERE


*FSI training (Free places available)

Trustee Role: Strategy and Development Bristol

7th October 2015

This workshop is aimed at Trustees, CEOs and charity managers.

*NCVO training (Training fees start at £175)

Charity Trustees: Induction and Refresher Training

22 September 2015

This course draws on NCVO’s cutting-edge thinking that has been developed from our governance work with a range of charities over many years, to ensure that your trustees and staff relationships go from strength to strength.

*South East Museums Development/ University of Portsmouth School of Law training

Thriving Museum Boards: Growing Trustee Diversity

Expressions of interest are open now, closing on 21 September


*Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) training (Training fees start at £125)

Charity financial management: Costings & budgets

23 September 2015

This course enables participants to cost the services provided by their organisation, and to produce and monitor budgets and cash flows.

Further courses from WCVA can be found HERE


*Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action training (Funded places for eligible organisations only)

Effective Partnership Working

15 September 15

This session will deal with; developing appropriate governance arrangements; negotiating the nature and parameters of the partnership; considering the relationship between organisations; legal issues in working in partnership.

Further courses from NICVA can be found HERE


*Arts and Business Scotland training (Training fees start at £80)

Seminar: Introduction to being a Board Member (Edinburgh)

8 September 2015

A half-day seminar to help new board members (and those who would like a refresher) to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Further courses from Arts & Business Scotland can be found HERE

*Museums Galleries Scotland training (Training fees start at £50 for volunteers)

Forward Planning

7th October 2015

Topics covered include the new accreditation requirements for the Forward Plan, a documentation plan and a collections care and conservation plan. The day will include practical exercises to help participants review and report against their plans.

Further courses from Museums Galleries Scotland can be found HERE

If you know of any other training opportunities that would be suitable for AIM members that we have not covered here, please email and we will add them to this list.


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