Make the most of summer with AIM Visitor Verdict

With the summer holidays getting underway, many AIM members will be benefiting from an increase in visitor numbers as people flock to the UK’s museums and heritage sites, so now is an ideal time to capture valuable feedback from your visitors by using AIM’s free visitor survey service – Visitor Verdict.

If you have ever wondered how your visitors really feel about their experience, how they discovered you in the first place, or what their motivations for visiting you are – AIM Visitor Verdict can help you. Visitor Verdict is free for all AIM members until the end of September and you will receive support and guidance to help you at every stage of your data gathering.


Make the most of summer with AIM Visitor Verdict

The results you collect through  Visitor Verdict can support fundraising, marketing, staff and volunteer training and can help you to prioritise improvements. The service offers real-time results on an easy to use online dashboard and the results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums.

You can discover:

* Who visits your museum

* Why they are there

 *What they do on their visit

* What they think of their experience

SS Great Britain, Museums at Night festival.

The team at ss Great Britain have used Visitor Verdict to increase shop sales (Photo credit: Adam Gasson)

Who is using Visitor Verdict?

Visitor Verdict has helped to make a positive difference to over 170 AIM members so far, with some encouraging feedback from users including:

“It’s a free resource that covers all aspects of the visitor experience and generates reports with very little effort required on our part. It also allows us to benchmark against other attractions.”

“It has contributed to funding applications and museum development planning. It has been used to identify areas where staff training is needed.”

“It has been a great help to us. We still have a lot to do but now have better resources to base change on.”

“Visitor Verdict has provided the information required and is very up to date so responses can be framed.”

child VV

“It has contributed to funding applications and museum development planning. It has been used to identify areas where staff training is needed.”

What makes AIM Visitor Verdict different to other visitor survey tools?

Easy to use: Visitor Verdict is really easy to use and places a low burden on staff, volunteers – and your visitors. There is no need to conduct face-to-face surveys on-site

Comprehensive questionnaire: The questionnaire your visitors receive through email covers demographics, motivations for visiting, the effectiveness of your communications, what parts of your site they visited and their emotional response to being there

Real time flexible reporting: The online reporting system means that results and benchmarks are constantly kept up to the minute. You can also access your dashboard at any time, so Visitor Verdict can be completed during quieter periods to suit you

Broader ranging benchmarks: Thanks to the wide range of attractions already taking part, there is a broader range of experience benchmarks

Opportunity to win awards: Take part in the Visitor Verdict annual awards for best in class

Annual networking event: Want to share good practice, learn from others and network with peers? Visitor Verdict holds a national networking event to help you

How do I start using Visitor Verdict?

You can find details of how to register for Visitor Verdict on the AIM website here: AIM Visitor Verdict

The friendly team from BDRC Continental can advise you at every step of the process. You can contact Amy Randle by email: or by phone: 020 7400 1000

If you prefer to speak to an AIM member of staff, please contact Sassy Hicks on:



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