Support the Heritage Alliance’s petition to the Chancellor

The Heritage Alliance is calling on the Government to take into consideration key points during the Spending Review process this summer.

They say, “At a time when the Treasury is reviewing how public spending cuts of around £19 billion will be spread across unprotected departments in the Spending Review this Autumn 2015, it is more important than ever that you make the UK Government aware of the value of heritage to England’s social, cultural and economic wellbeing. Please sign the petition … and add your voice.”

The petition calls for on the Government to allow our heritage to realise its full potential:

*We need an efficient and effective planning system with a heritage protection regime that is far-sighted, fair and respected.

*Sufficient specialist heritage expertise at national and local level to facilitate economic recovery.

*Private and third sector owners should be incentivised to undertake regular repair and maintenance.

To achieve these objectives in the Spending Review, we urge you to ensure that:

1. The Departments with responsibility for our heritage in England, primarily DCMS and DCLG, work smarter and more collaboratively so that heritage matters have appropriate priority and leadership within Government.
2. Central Government supports and sustains Historic England as the crucial national enabling agency for our heritage.

This petition follows the Heritage Alliance’s recent Take Action Campaign, which called on the heritage sector to write to their MP about the value of heritage in their local area.

The petition is to support heritage generally and will be particularly relevant to museums who are also concerned with heritage landscapes and built heritage.

Details of how to sign the petition can be found here. Heritage Alliance Petition.

AIM is a member of the Heritage Alliance. The Heritage Alliance is was established in 2002 as Heritage Link. It is the biggest alliance of heritage interests in the UK. Its mission is to champion a strong and prominent independent heritage sector.



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