New AIM Appointment: Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson has been appointed to the position of Assistant Director with AIM. She will take a lead on AIM’s new ‘Investing in Independence’ project, as well as supporting AIM’s Executive Director, Tamalie Newbery, on other aspects of AIM’s work. She will begin on a part-time basis, moving to full-time in September.

Helen will bring to AIM – and its new AIM Hallmarks & Investing in Independence programme – much knowledge and experience of the museum sector, including from her work with the East Midlands Museums Service on its ‘Stronger Museums’ programme and supporting museums of all types and sizes through her consultancy work.  Helen will be developing and delivering the AIM Hallmarks and Investing in Independence programme, funded through Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund, as well as other aspects of AIM’s work.

Helen W

AIM’s new Assistant Director – Helen Wilkinson

With twenty years’ experience in the museum sector, Helen has most recently worked as a consultant with the Museum Consultancy, where she has specialised in organisational and professional development.   Some of you may remember Helen from her time with the Museums Association: she led the Museums Association’s policy work for five years from 2002 to 2007. Before that she worked as a curator, documentation officer and manager in museums including the V&A.

Last year, Helen completed a PhD at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, looking at how UK museums changed between 1960 and 2001, combining her research with her consultancy work. Her work drew extensively on the AIM archives, looking at how the organisation was set up and how influential independent museums have been in driving change in the broader sector.

Helen is now based in Newark in the East Midlands but spent the first half of her life in Bradford, where she had her first museum job, at the National Media Museum.

AIM’s Executive Director, Tamalie Newbery said:  “We are delighted to be welcoming Helen to AIM. She brings a great depth of understanding of the museum sector and wide experience of working directly with museums of all sizes, which will be of enormous value to our members and our team. The AIM Hallmarks and Investing in Independence programme is ambitious and exciting, and Helen will play a pivotal role in ensuring that it achieves its goals and enables more museums to find their own routes to prosperous futures.”


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