Kids in Museums: Takeover Day is launched

He slept three in a bed, his family meals of beef, pottage and pies lasted at least two hours, and he wrote with a swan feather quill on cow skin in brown ink made from mashed oak apples.

These are just three of the fascinating facts about playwright William Shakespeare the 10 and 11-year-old guides from Bridgetown Primary School told special celebrity guests and dignitaries on a tour of Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon, to mark the launch of Takeover Day 2015.


Making discoveries at Shakespeare’s birthplace

Takeover Day is the annual day on which museums, archives, galleries, historic sites and arts organisations are taken over by children who are given meaningful, powerful and decision-making roles.

Takeover Day 2015 will take place on Friday 20 November, with over 5000 kids throughout England doing the jobs grown-ups usually do in museums and beyond. Takeover Day is run by Kids in Museums, a charity working with museums to make them more welcoming of children, young people and families – in particular those who haven’t visited before.

Jacqueline Green, Head of Learning at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said, “We’ve been delighted to be part of Takeover Day for the past three years. Seeing local children showing their enthusiasm for Shakespeare’s heritage and sharing that with our visitors is a joy. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is committed to take the spirit and practice of Takeover Day – welcoming young people to Shakespeare’s home all year round.”

Ten-year-old museum guide Charlie said, “Being a guide yourself makes you see things from a different angle, like from back stage. You get to learn loads of things and get a feel of what the adults do. It makes a museum come to life.”

Find out more about Takeover Day 2015 and how your museum, school and arts organisation can take part at

Follow Takeover Day in Museums on Twitter @takeovermuseums with the Hashtag #TakeoverDay

For enquiries, interviews and pictures email or call 020 7250 8338



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