AIM Visitor Verdict Webinar

On Thursday 11 June at 12.30pm, our partners BDRC will be presenting a 30 minute webinar explaining how using AIM’s visitor benchmarking survey tool, Visitor Verdict, can help AIM members take better decisions for their organisation.  At a time when our resources are being increasingly squeezed, Visitor Verdict helps prioritise our investments in terms of both money and time. This session is appropriate both for those who already take part and those who would like to find out more about the benefits that participation in Visitor Verdict can bring.

SS Great Britain, Museums at Night festival.

The team at ss Great Britain have used Visitor Verdict with great success

Please register HERE

The BDRC team will show you how you can use Visitor Verdict to:

  • Assist with compelling grant funding bids
  • Maximise visitor income from a range of sources
  • Inform marketing messages and media channels
  • Set priorities for improving your visitor experience
  • Attract and retain sponsors/investors

We will demonstrate the low effort needed to unlock this insight in a walk-through of how the Visitor Verdict survey works, the topics it covers, how to use the benchmarks and your role. Register to view the live broadcast at 12.30 pm GMT on Thursday 11th June or to receive the on-demand recording.


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