Trustee Vacancy: Wisbech and Fenland Museum

Wisbech & Fenland Museum is one of the oldest museums in the United Kingdom. The collections were initiated by the town’s Literary and Museum Societies which were formed in 1781 and 1835 respectively.

Since the Museum opened in 1847, the collections have continued to grow, but the essence of the Museum remains virtually unchanged. So come and discover a treasure house of rare and unusual artefacts, illuminating history, both local and and worldwide, recent and ancient.

Wisbech and Fenland Museum are looking for people who are prepared to make a commitment to the objectives and work of the Museum, have experience of strategic decision making and who will operate effectively as part of the Museum management team.


Potential Trustees must have good communications and representational skills and there are four Trustee vacancies currently available. Applicants must commit to attend meetings in the early evening and to give approximately six hours a month to support the museum.

The museum particularly seeks expertise in one or more of the following disciplines:

* Building and project management

* Marketing and PR

*Grant fundraising and private donor giving

*Information technology / website and social media administration

Contact details for applicants to find out more:

Richard Barnwell, Chairman

01945 584200

Closing date: 31/7/15


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