Tweet Chat: AIM Visitor Verdict

If you have thought about using AIM Visitor Verdict but are unsure of how it can help you, or if you are already signed up but not sure what to do next – help is at hand.

AIM and  BDRC Continental  will be hosting a live Tweet Chat on Thursday 21 May from 10 – 11am to help explain the benefits of using Visitor Verdict at your museum or heritage site.

You can find out more about the easy to use Visitor Verdict dashboard, hear how other independent museums are already benefiting from Visitor Verdict and discover how it can support your business plan and funding applications.

You don’t even need to have a Twitter account to view this chat, just find the AIM Twitter AIM Twitter account and follow the hashtag: #AIMVV from 10 – 11am on 21 May.

If you do use Twitter, please follow us at: @Aimuseums and @VisitBDRC

Tweet chat 1

What is AIM Visitor Verdict?

Funded by Arts Council England, Visitor Verdict is the No.1 aspirational visitor survey model for small and medium sized visitor attractions and is free for all AIM members until October 2015.

How can AIM Visitor Verdict can help me?

AIM Visitor Verdict can help:

*To support funding applications:

*To attract and retain sponsors/investors

*Help improve the visitor experience

*Inform your marketing messages and media

Using VV 2

AIM Visitor Verdict can support your museum in many ways

How do I use Visitor Verdict?

Visitor Verdict is easy to use and comes with a range of tools to help you:

Comprehensive questionnaire:  covers demographic profile, motivations (7 segments), communications effectiveness, visitor behaviour (dwell, retail/catering, technology) and 24 aspects of the visitor experience – split into Site Content, Emotional Impact, Service Delivery, plus KPIs

Lower burden on volunteers/staff and visitors during visit:  only need to collect email addresses, no need to conduct face-to-face surveys on-site.  Less intrusive on visitor time

Real time flexible reporting:  online reporting system means that results and benchmarks constantly kept up to the minute.  Anytime access for participants – no need to wait for periodic reporting

Broader ranging benchmarks:  wider range of attractions to learn from, broader range of experience benchmarks

If you would like to learn more about AIM Visitor Verdict, please join us for the Tweet Chat or contact:

Amy Randle at BDRC Continental –

Full information about AIM Visitor Verdict can be found HERE



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