“An Invaluable Tool” – AIM Visitor Verdict

Since AIM Visitor Verdict started nearly two years ago, it has helped many AIM members to better understand their visitor experience. Funded by Arts Council England, AIM Visitor Verdict is a free service for all AIM members until October 2015.

If you haven’t yet signed up, or if you would like to know more about how using Visitor Verdict can support your museum, you can take advantage of our free Visitor Verdict workshops taking place soon in Derby and London.

Visitor Verdict is conducted by BDRC Continental in partnership with AIM and has been developed using best practice from the well-known visitor attractions research programme, ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey.

The service offers real-time results on a user friendly online dashboard. The programme gives you information about who visits your museum, why they are there, what they do on their visit – and crucially – what they think of their experience. The results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums.

Visitor Verdict can help independent museums in a number of ways by:

*Helping you to measure your visitor experience effectively and accurately

*Providing a useful and easy to use tool for gathering data for funding applications/annual reports

*Informing your marketing messages, pricing decisions and staff/volunteer training

*Attracting and retaining sponsors/funders

 *Contributing to accreditation requirements

“Visitor Verdict is an invaluable tool to help any institution better understand their visitors,” says Liam Tolhurst, Retail and Visitor Services Manager at ss Great Britain Trust. “The information it has provided us on retail use, for example, has directly led to changes in our product mix and shop layout.”

SS Great Britain, Museums at Night festival.

“An invaluable tool” AIM Visitor Verdict has helped the team at ss Great Britain (Photo credit: Adam Gasson)

Visitor Verdict FREE Workshops – How to Book:

These workshops are free and lunch/refreshments will be provided.

Derby: Monday 11th May – 11am-4pm

Derby Booking:   http://bit.ly/aimvv2015mid

London: Monday 6th July – 11am-4pm

London Booking:  http://bit.ly/aimvv2015lon

Included in the workshop:

Examples of how other museums are already using the service

Hands on session to develop reports that meet your needs

Opportunity to explore your own results if you already have 25+ completed surveys

Expert guidance on all aspects of the service: including collecting visitor’s details, using the online system, interpreting results, using benchmarking

Top tips to make running Visitor Verdict easy to manage

For further information about Visitor Verdict please visit the AIM Website



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