AIM Visitor Verdict: Find Out More At Our Free Workshops

AIM Visitor Verdict  is a completely free visitor survey service for AIM member museums. The programme has been developed using best practice from the well-known visitor attractions research programme, ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey.

The service offers real-time results on an easy-to-use online dashboard and gives you information about who visits your museum, why they are there, what they do on their visit – and crucially – what they think of their experience. The results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums.

AIM Visitor Verdict helps you to measure your visitor experience, prioritise improvements, attract and retain sponsors and funders, contribute to accreditation requirements, guide staff training and inform marketing decisions.

“Visitor Verdict is a no-brainer. We use it widely to support and endorse changes that improve the running of Didcot Railway Centre, from our seasonal pricing structure through to our retail service”. 

Ann Middleton, Commercial manager, Didcot Railway Centre

“Visitor Verdict provides us with solid, timely information about our audience’s responses to all aspects of their visit and that gives us confidence to effect improvements to the visitor experience and provides clear guidance to trustees and staff on the areas on which we must focus.” 

Diane Clements, Director,  The Library & Museum of Freemasonry


Didcot Railway Centre – Image: David Merrett (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

To help you discover more about Visitor Verdict and how it can benefit your museum, AIM is providing two FREE workshops run in partnership with BDRC Continental and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

These workshops are ideal for individuals and organisations that are already signed up to Visitor Verdict or if you are thinking about signing up in the future. The workshops are taking place at:

Derby: Monday 11th May – 11am-4pm

London: Monday 6th July – 11am-4pm


The Library and Museum of Freemasonry

By attending you will learn how AIM Visitor Verdict can:

*Measure the visitor experience

*Inform marketing messages, improvements, pricing decisions & staff training.

*Attract & retain sponsors/funders & contribute to accreditation requirements.

Included in the workshop:

*Examples of how other museums are already using the service.

*Hands on session to develop reports that meet your needs.

*Opportunity to explore your own results if you already have 25+ completed surveys.

*Expert guidance on all aspects of the service: including collecting visitor’s details, using the online system, interpreting results, using benchmarking

*Top tips to make running Visitor Verdict easy to manage.


AIM Visitor Verdict is a completely free visitor survey service for AIM member museums

 Venues and Booking Details

Derby: Monday 11th May – 11am-4pm

Venue: Derby Museum & Art Gallery, The Strand, Derby, DE1 1BS

Derby Booking:

 London: Monday 6th July – 11am-4pm

Venue: BDRC Continental, 229-231 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA

London Booking:

 For further information and support, please contact Amy Randle at:


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