Battersea Arts Centre rising from the ashes already

Our thoughts are with colleagues at Battersea Arts Centre after a major fire destroyed key parts of their building on Friday 13 March. We are in admiration for the exemplary way they have communicated with everyone about what has happened and hope that they continue to get generous donations to their ‘Save Battersea Arts Centre’ Donate page, which had raised nearly £50,000 over the first weekend.

AIM has been getting to know Battersea Arts Centre over the past few months and their Chair, Michael Day and Chief Executive and Artistic Director, David Jubb, are due to speak at AIM’s national conference in June, about the joint leadership role of the Chair and CEO, as well as David contributing to a session on co-creation. BAC is also going to provide a new home for independent, Wandsworth Museum. Fortunately the collection was not stored at BAC and is safe. BAC was also a recipient of funding from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund earlier in March.

David Jubb has blogged about their experience so far and the many ways in which their local community have rallied around them to help them with spaces from which they can work, after all their offices and equipment were lost in the fire. The building was open again within 24 hours and held two sold-out performances, but as David has explained in his blog, there will be many challenges in the coming months including the need to establish a completely new business model for the coming year. We will be following their progress and wish them well in the coming weeks.


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