Julie’s Bicycle: Manchester Events

Julie’s Bicycle  is the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries.

The charity will be hosting two events in Manchester on the 25th March that will explore the role that cultural buildings and networks play in influencing our values and understanding of sustainability.

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Value and Cultural Spaces

Weds, 25th March, 17:00 – 19:00
The Whitworth, Manchester

Through the story of The Whitworth’s new building we will explore ‘cultural value’ in the context of forward-thinking, sustainable spaces.

Julie’s Bicycle’s Director, Alison Tickell, will be in conversation with Nicola Walker, The Whitworth’s Head of Collections Care and Access, John Holden, author of the recent Ecology of Culture report and Dr James Evans, Senior Lecturer in Geography and sustainable cities at The University of Manchester.

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Making Creative Places Sustainable
Weds 25th March, 13:30 – 16:00

Contact Theatre Manchester

Representatives from four cultural networks from Manchester, Newcastle, London and Wales, will share how they are piloting collaborative approaches to environmental sustainability, and the benefits of working together.

Speakers Include: Jack Thompson (MIF), Amanda Wallace (Manchester City Galleries), Dave Woodward (The Lowry), Gawain Forster (Band on the Wall), Emma Rees (LTC), Philip Bernays (Newcastle Theatre Royal Trust), Debroah Keyser (Creu Cymru), Beth Berry (SURF/Mistra Urban Futures) and Sholeh Johnston (Julie’s Bicycle).

Manchester Arts Sustainability Team will open the discussion with provocations from four cultural organisations on how they’re sharing knowledge to make their organisations more sustainable, and contributing to a greener, future-proof city. They will be joined by the London Theatre Consortium, NewcastleGateshead Culture Venues and Creu Cymru to discuss how different kinds of networks – cross-artform, regional and city-based – can work most effectively to drive change.

Speakers Include: Jack Thompson (MIF), Amanda Wallace (Manchester City Galleries), Dave Woodward (The Lowry), Gawain Forster (Band on the Wall), Emma Rees (LTC), Philip Bernays(Newcastle Theatre Royal Trust), Debroah Keyser (Creu Cymru), Beth Berry (SURF/Mistra Urban Futures) and Sholeh Johnston (Julie’s Bicycle)

A light networking lunch will be available 13.30 – 14.00.

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