Sharing Experiences: AIM Resilience Workshop

The AIM Mentoring Scheme was a partnership project between the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) and the Federation of Museums and Galleries in Wales which was launched in May 2014 and completed in January 2015. The overall objective of the project was to support five Welsh museums to develop more sustainable futures, through a combination of individual mentoring by museum professionals and visits to other museums to see best practice that resulted in the adoption of a new business plan or strategy by the governing body or equivalent of the mentee museum.

To celebrate the CyMAL funded project and to bring together the mentors and mentees for one final day of discussion, an ‘Improving Your Resilience: Sharing Experiences’ workshop was held at Firing Line, Cardiff Castle on January 27th. Presentations on lessons learnt and how the AIM Mentoring Scheme has benefited participating museums were given by staff and Trustees from Firing Line, Cardiff Castle, the Judge’s Lodging, Oriel Plas Glyn-y-WeddwLlandudno Museum and Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Park


The enthusiasm for the scheme was evident throughout the workshop with mentees positively praising the support that their mentors had provided and clearly stating how the scheme has changed the way they work. “It is easy to look at your own museum and, although you think it is wonderful, not necessarily see its potential. This is what the Scheme has given me,” confirmed Gabrielle Rivers, Curator of The Judge’s Lodging. Mentees also mentioned the generosity and goodwill shown by their individual mentors. “The people that I met during mentoring gave me so much time and so much detail,” said Roy Haley, Chair of Trustees at Llandudno Museum.

Mentors for this scheme included David Tucker  (Lyme Regis Museum), Andrew Lovett (Black Country Living Museum), Sam Mullins (London Transport Museum), Tim Bryan (Heritage Motor Centre), Adrian Green (Salisbury Museum), Sue Eddisford (Royal Albert Memorial Museum), Anna Brennand and Paul Gossage (The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust), and Perdita Hunt (Watts Gallery Trust).  Additional support was given by Mark Lewis (Tenby Museum),  Pauline Griffith (Narbeth Museum), and Emma Ayling (Priest’s House Museum).


To add further value to the workshop, all participating mentors were encouraged to share their top tips during the session, with those not able to attend the event supplying their tips through email so that all museums can benefit.

You can now download and view the report from this workshop and see some of the inspiring top tips from the mentors here:

Workshop Report (English): IRW English

Workshop Report (Welsh): IRW Welsh

AIM would like to thank CyMAL, Welsh Government, John Marjoram, The Federation of Museums & Art Galleries of Wales and all participating mentors and mentees.



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