Tools of the Trade: Evaluation Project

The Tools of the Trade project aims to harness the understanding around one specific topic within social history collections, and enable those working in museums to learn from each other’s expertise and experience.

Every social history museum collection contains tools used in local industries, however, increasingly, museum professionals feel unable to answer the most basic of questions such as:

*What those tools are

*When they were used/made

*How they were used

Packing Sack Needle

With funding from Arts Council England the Social History Curators Group has produced a series of films.

The experts in these films pick out some of the most commonly found tools, explain what they are and give a practical demonstration of how they were used. They can be viewed here:  Tools of the Trade – Films

At a time when cuts are meaning specialist knowledge is increasingly getting lost, we hope that using films like these and media platforms such as YouTube will help to ensuring knowledge-transfer to both museum professionals and our audiences.

We need to know how successful the films have been in imparting knowledge and find out what other films would be useful for museum professionals.


Please tell us what you think by completing our short online survey. To be included in the formal evaluation, please complete this form by 13 March 2015.

To fill it out, visit: Tools of the Trade Feedback Form

Follow Social History Curators Group on Twitter: @SHCG1

*This blog post has been created with information submitted to AIM by Nicky McIntosh.

Nicky can be contacted at:


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