Giving to Heritage

Sometimes we all need a bit of help to get ahead, so when it comes to Fundraising for your museum or heritage organisation, having support and guidance from Fundraising professionals can prove extremely worthwhile.

Knowing how to spot opportunities to diversify your income, cultivating a wide donor base and understanding how to create strong fundraising strategies will help to improve your organisations resilience now and in the future.

If you are solely in charge of fundraising for your organisation – or even if you are part of a larger fundraising team – the new schedule of Giving to Heritage training and workshops from The Heritage Alliance will enhance your skills and give you the confidence you need to conquer your fundraising objectives.


“The Giving to Heritage fundraising training programme is designed to help museums and other heritage organisations develop skills in areas of fundraising with which they may not be familiar,” explained Mark Webb, Giving to Heritage Project Officer.

“While the aim is to foster generic fundraising skills, the workshops are designed to be as heritage orientated as possible, including the use of heritage and museum case studies. The workshops are led by an experienced Institute of Fundraising trainer and are supported by an expert in heritage fundraising – often from a museum.”

The Giving to Heritage training covers a wide range of fundraising topics including ‘Major Donor Fundraising’ and ‘Using Digital and Social Media’. There are also opportunities for bespoke training through 1 to 1 consultancy sessions and a mentoring scheme for a selected number of heritage projects.


So far, the programme has attracted participants from national, regional and local museums who have all benefitted from the training and its associated networking opportunities and the feedback from attendees has been very positive with some recent feedback including:

“The seminar was both informative and well-presented and encouraged a high level of delegate participation – which always helps to keep you awake and on your toes at such events! Highly recommended.”

“I found this workshop to be highly relevant, well-presented, with very comprehensive supporting documentation. A good mix of delegates also provided some helpful networking opportunities”

“I would highly recommend this course. I have been a fundraiser for 20 years but it was refreshing to benefit from a seasoned trainer who could reach out to learners on any level.”


So what sets the Giving to Heritage workshops apart from other fundraising training available and why are they worth attending?

“The training workshops are primarily aimed at those who have little or no experience in the types of fundraising covered by the workshops,” said Clare Keates, Heritage Project Manager at the Institute of Fundraising.

“Whether you need to learn a new skill or boost an existing one, there’s a workshop in the most important fundraising disciplines. The GTH training has been rigorously developed, is regularly updated and delivered by top quality sector experts who understand the current fundraising climate and the challenges you face.”


Full information about the current workshops can be found here: GTH Workshops

Follow Giving to Heritage on Twitter: @Givingtoheritag

IoF Website: Institute of Fundraising

Images kindly provided by Giving to Heritage


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