Results of 24 Hour Culture Survey Revealed

Results of the 24 Hour Culture Survey were released yesterday, giving an insight into how and why residents of the West Midlands get involved with arts and culture.

The 24 Hour Culture Survey sought to discover how people experience arts and culture in their everyday lives in the West Midlands.

2303 people took part, saying what cultural activities they took part in during one 24 hour period, from noon on Friday 24th to noon on Saturday 25th October 2014.

The findings show that arts and culture are integral to the lives of many: 98% of respondents said they believed that arts, culture and heritage are important to them.

The main reasons for appreciating arts and culture were that they keep the mind stimulated and give meaning to people’s lives.

Other major reasons include increased health and wellbeing, keeping communities together, improving the lives of children and young people and the positive effect of arts and culture on jobs and economics.

Libraries were the most popular cultural venue over the 24 hours, with 14% of respondents visiting a branch. 12% saw a play or drama over the 24 hour period, and 11% visited an art exhibition.

Respondents were also asked about their cultural life over the past year. 94% had read a book in that time, 85% had seen a play or drama and 82% had visited a museum. 78% – nearly 4 in 5 people – had watched a video online over the past year.

Eastside Projects 6

One respondent said:

“Arts and culture is at the heart of a healthy, tolerant and happy society and I want to be a part of this kind of community. I also want to bring my daughter up in this kind of world.” 43 year old man, Birmingham

2303 people filled in the short questionnaire at

Findings were analysed by the Audience Insight department at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The survey was commissioned by 22 of the West Midlands’ arts organisations including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Compton Verney, mac Birmingham, the Belgrade Theatre Coventry, DanceXchange, Ironbridge Gorge Museums and Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.

It was promoted by a further 29 organisations including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

BCMG performing at Ikon Gallery © Chris Keenan

Full Press Release: 24-hour-cultural-survey-findings-pr-final

Full Survey Results: 24 Hour Culture Survey results 19 Feb 2015

The survey findings were released yesterday (19th February 2015) to coincide with the launch of Get Creative.

To find out more visit

AIM thanks Helen Stallard (Co-ordinator, 24 Hour Culture Survey) for all information, press release and use of images. Helen can be contacted on:

 24 hour


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