AIM and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

AIM members can now benefit from a range of discounted training courses that have been created to help museums and arts organisations become more effective in their fundraising. The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy training programme is now available to all AIM members across the UK and has been developed and is led by the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Consortium.

This innovative programme has been funded through Catalyst by Arts Council England to enable people involved in fundraising to become more confident in ‘making the ask’ and the programme provides useful training opportunities for all levels of expertise from fundraising novices to seasoned professionals.


“The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme provides the chance to learn new skills and meet other professionals in the sector who are tackling the same fundraising challenges,” said Matt Carwardine – Palmer, Marketing Consultant to Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy.

“With public sector cuts continuing for the foreseeable future, it’s never been more important for organisations across the cultural sectors to maximise their fundraising – even those organisations with no dedicated fundraising staff. The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme seeks to support the sector through providing training and other professional development and personal development opportunities across the country.”


AIM has negotiated discounted rates for AIM members in the UK that are interested in taking part in any of these courses – simply use the promotional code AIMfundraiser when booking. Discounts include money off course fees and free places when booking for four places.

“This training programme is now available to all AIM members across the UK for the very first time and it will help our members face any fundraising challenges that they encounter with confidence,” said Tamalie Newbery, Executive Director of AIM.

An updated programme of workshops and events can be downloaded here: AFP update for AIM – March 2015

Main website:


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