Museums & Resilient Leadership Programme 2015 – 2016

As part of its Arts Council England funded Major Partner Museums Programme, the Black Country Living Museum will once again be running the highly successful and innovative Museums and Resilient Leadership (MRL) Programme which starts in May 2015.

Participants receive a 10 month programme of workshops, and masterclasses including an overseas research trip, two 3 day residential events, detailed toolkits and models based on best practice in business tailored to the cultural sector. Each MRL participant will have a personal mentor and for a registration fee of £350 participants get £7,000 worth of training.

This is an opportunity for staff in independent museums that already have some management experience, to develop their leadership skills, hone their entrepreneurial thinking and deepen their knowledge across the cultural and commercial sectors.


MRL’s perspective is wide ranging with master classes looking at the lessons for resilient leadership internationally as well as in the UK. Joint Programme Directors are Stephen Feber and Nick Winterbotham.  Places are limited to 14.  Applications will only be accepted from museums in England.

Application opens on Monday February 16 at: Museums & Resilient Leadership Programme 2015 – 2016

Full Programme Download: MRL Programme AIM


MRL Programme Graduates, 2013 – 2014 said:

“Overall I have found the Museums and Resilient Leadership Programme of huge personal benefit and even comfort.

“One of the most valuable aspects for me has been the time we have been afforded to reflect, to analyse our current situation and our ways of working, and to plan next steps. With workloads and pressures higher than ever in my current role this time for real reflection has been invaluable. The mentor sessions have also been particularly useful in this aspect. The content, both from external speakers and from sessions led by Nick, Stephen and Andrew, has been very varied but always relevant and often inspiring.

“My time at MRL has been a transformational experience that has now equipped me with high level skills and experiences that will enable me to provide resilient leadership within the heritage and cultural sector as a head of an organisation.

“MRL has helped me to become more resilience in many way, it helped to build my personal confidence, extend my networks, fully understand my business including the budget, visitor stats and space analysis and focus on my values. There is a lot of talk about resilience and income generation at the moment but MRL made me realise that the most important thing isn’t what we do but why we do it.



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