Giving Digitally Through DONATE

Set up in March 2013, DONATE is the mobile platform and the public-facing brand of the National Funding Scheme – a registered charity specifically set up to support the arts, heritage and culture sector.

DONATE is free to adopt and wherever people see the DONATE sign, asking them to support a particular campaign they can easily make a donation through digital channels using their mobile device (phone or tablet).

DONATE combines SMS texting, Near Field Communication, QR code and web apps into one simple platform meaning people can donate through one recognised brand via multiple channels.

Donate 1

The benefits of DONATE include:

  • DONATE is specific to the cultural sector and it can be used to bridge the gap that exists between dropping change into a Perspex donation box, and signing up to a membership scheme.
  • DONATE provides specific signage tools and materials for each organisation – tailored to their venue and cause – the institution displays it.
  • DONATE has bundled the best technology into a simple platform to capture mass giving – so as an organisation, you don’t have to research the market and contract with payment providers because we have done that for you.
  • DONATE can be used by international tourists who can give online using their mobile phone, unlike Just Giving or Virgin Giving.
  • DONATE offers free donor data exchange with our partner organisations.
  • DONATE allows for easy Gift Aid management & claims, and the money is transferred electronically.
  • DONATE offers access to Culture Juice; our open and shared knowledge bank for participating institutions, giving access to insights and learning related to the cultural sector.

Donate 2

AIM Members, Watts Gallery Trust in Surrey utilised DONATE to help fund a campaign to save the Watts Studios to display the works of George Frederic Watts. Watts Gallery Trust beat a target of £10,000 through three sponsored events over three months, involving Watts Gallery Trust staff including Perdita Hunt, Director, who heroically swam across The Solent in September last year.

“DONATE has provided the Watts Gallery Trust with the perfect platform to sponsor and support our efforts to raise money through our recent triathlon event in which we successfully reached our target of £10,000,” said Perdita Hunt, Director of Watts Gallery Trust. “As a charity the National Funding Scheme offers a welcome alternative to other commercial providers. We look forward to working with them more in the coming months.”

The National Funding Scheme is a registered charity (charity no: 1149800 and SC045106) set up in March 2013 with a clear objective – to enable arts and heritage charities to fundraise using digital technology. The NFS has developed a tool of mobile giving – DONATE – which it provides for free to the arts and heritage sector, thereby totally transforming the way the public can give to cultural and heritage organisations.

Website: National Funding Scheme


Download: Guide to DONATE_NFS_Dec 2014

Download (DONATE Competition): Valentines-Day-competition


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