Doing It Differently Stateside

Sometimes, it’s worth looking across the Atlantic to see how our American friends view the museum sector so that we can learn different techniques to enhance the museum experience for UK visitors.

Here at AIM, we were particularly impressed by what the team at ‘Museum Hack’ are achieving by thinking outside of the norm about how museum tours can be held. We thought it was worth sharing their insights here. Please let us know if you instigate any of their ideas – we would love to hear about them!

The 7 Reasons Museum Hack Tours are Different

To some, Museums are just colossal spaces full of old stuff. The Museum Hack team lives in an alternate reality in which Museums are the coolest places on earth. We can just walk into the museum and see things humans made 5,000 years ago, objects that belonged to the most infamous characters in history, and actual dinosaur fossils that are 60 million years old! At Museum Hack, we’re figuring out how to make this alternate reality the norm. We want everyone else to be as excited about museums as we are. We do what we do because we love museums, and because we firmly believe that museums are f**king awesome…

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Having fun with Museum Hack!

This post and the accompanying photo were sourced via the Museum Hack site:

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