New Workshop – Improving Your Resilience (Wales)

A workshop created for museums in Wales to help strengthen organisational resilience will take place on Tuesday 27th January 2015 at the Firing Line, Cardiff Castle. Understanding how to improve resilience across your organisation can be a useful tool for navigating any obstacles that may cross your path in the future, and talking to and learning from others in the same situation can be reassuring and beneficial.

This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to improve your museum resilience and capacity, and five people on placements from Welsh museums and galleries will be sharing their mentoring experiences over the last year in marketing, business planning, and generating new income.

You will be able to discuss how their experiences might be applicable to your museum, plus there will be advice from senior staff from some of the mentoring museums, as well as AIM, CyMAL and the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales.

“This workshop is for museum managers and trustees in Welsh museums and heritage sites – both volunteer run and professionally managed,” said Sam Hunt, Project Manager for the AIM Mentoring Sustainable Museums Project funded by CyMAL. “It will provide a forum to exchange and learn from the experiences with top tips from some of Britain’s leading independent museums in marketing, developing an events programme, income generation and business planning to enable you to become more commercially resilient in a challenging environment.”

There is no charge for attending this workshop and a light lunch will be provided.

To book a place contact: Justeen Stone, AIM Administrator: E: T: 01584 878151

This event is the culmination of a joint mentoring project organised by AIM and the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries in Wales, funded by CyMAL

The full programme for this event in English and Welsh can be downloaded here:


Image Credit: Firing Line by

Image Credit: Firing Line by


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