King’s College London – King’s calls on sector to share evidence

King’s calls on sector to share evidence

Posted on 02/12/2014

As the first stage in its Cultural Enquiry into the value of partnerships, Culture at King’s is calling for organisations across the cultural sector to come forward with examples of what has worked – and what hasn’t – in 2014.

To facilitate this call out, we are issuing a questionnaire today and asking as many organisations as possible to fill it out and share their experiences: click here.

The Enquiry aims to articulate the benefits of partnership working and the potential it offers for both greater public engagement and value for money for arts and culture. This questionnaire is designed to help provide a snapshot of how partnerships have been managed and sustained in the UK cultural sector in 2014.

Culture at King’s will use the responses to identify the themes of the Enquiry and select case studies and interview candidates.

Deborah Bull, Director, Cultural Partnerships at King’s College London said:

‘To survive and thrive in today’s economy, the cultural sector needs to constantly re-evaluate what works and develop new and imaginative approaches and solutions. This Enquiry aims to bring academic rigour and insight to that process, providing an opportunity for the sector to look at its challenges through a different lens.’

The first Cultural Enquiry from King’s explored the role that arts and culture play in maximising the value of major sporting and national events. A second, due to report in January 2015, looks at the ways in which successive governments have sought to provide children and young people with access to the arts since 1945.

via King’s College London – King’s calls on sector to share evidence.


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