Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy support now open to museums in UK

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is a national Programme funded through Catalyst by Arts Council England and it is now open for museums across the UK  to participate in, for the first time.

The Programme aims to improve the perceptions of arts & culture as a charitable cause and enhance fundraising practice, encouraging leadership and entrepreneurialism. Working with trustees, leaders, senior managers and emerging talent, the ambition is that the Programme will inspire, train and develop people at all levels, helping to achieve a networked, skilled and resilient workforce.

These strands of the Programme are particularly relevant to museums:

Fundraising training courses located across England for people at practical, managerial and leadership levels.    These are practical one-day training sessions, delivered by specialists who have all themselves successfully fundraised for cultural organisations.  They offer creative solutions to fundraising challenges, and give participants confidence and skills to fundraise more effectively for their cause.  These sessions are heavily subsidised, with fees starting at £95 + VAT and discount offers available.

Training for Trustee Leadership for Executives and Trustees.  These half-day training sessions offer practical guidance and tips to executive team members and Trustees on how to utilise fundraising and philanthropy within their income generation plans.  Fees for these subsidised sessions are £75 + VAT.

Coaching and Action Learning programme, which offers 1:1 Coaching support for people leading development teams or organisations.  For a heavily subsidised fee of £300 + VAT the participant receives up to six personal sessions with a trained Coach and a day-long Action Learning training session.

The opportunity to attend the first residential National Summer School for Arts Fundraising & Leadership in partnership with the University of Leeds, which is also accrediting the first Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy.

Programme partners the Arts Marketing Association have also extended their online CultureHive platform to include arts fundraising resources, and included fundraising within their national Conference.

One of the most successful strands of the Programme to date has been its training of Arts Fundraising Fellows.  These graduate trainees are recruited for a year-long intensive training programme, which they undertake whilst fundraising for their host arts organisations.  The Programme team will be announcing details of their Year 3 Fellowship programme very soon. You can sign up for their e-Newsletter or follow them on Twitter @artsfundraising to receive the latest information.


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