Visitor Verdict – Top Tips for Collecting Email Addresses

With over 200 museums now taking part in AIM Visitor Verdict – a free visitor research and benchmarking programme – we thought now would be a good time to share some top tips for making collecting visitors’ email addresses as easy as possible.

1.    The best time

You don’t have to bring up the survey at the beginning of a visit, when you probably have a lot of other things to say. Visitors tend to be more relaxed later on in their visit so this could be a good time to ask.

2.    The best place

Pick a point where the majority of your visitors will pass.

3.     Keep it varied

Approach visitors on different days of the week and at different times throughout the day. Include school holidays and term-time and both normal opening and event days.

4.     Only one e-mail per visitor party

You only need to collect one e-mail per group of people visiting together (remember this person must be 16yrs+).

5.    The more the better!

Most visitors are pleased to give feedback and are used to giving out their e-mail addresses so be confident in asking. The more feedback you get, the more confident you can be in your results.

6.     Smile

Ask visitors whether they’ve had a good visit when you approach them to participate in the survey, their experience of being asked is all part of their visit!

7.     Accuracy

E-mail addresses are easy to get wrong. Don’t waste your efforts: be sure to record e-mails carefully.

8.     Reduce workload

Enter e-mails directly into the system. Use the ‘Add a Visit’ tool to add them one-by-one or collect them electronically in a spreadsheet and upload them all in one go using the ‘Upload Tool’.

9.    Engage your team

Help staff and volunteers to understand why the research is important and how it’s helping. This should make them feel happier asking visitors to take part. Share results with your team and keep them updated on how things are going.

10.  Support your team

  • Ask staff/volunteers what would make collecting e-mails easier for them
  • Give them confidence to approach visitors by supplying them with the Visitor Verdict Certificate
  • Set a weekly target of e-mails to collect; work together and celebrate with a treat if you reach it
  • Run a competition with a small prize for whoever collects the most e-mail addresses
  • Click here to download a one-page leaflet to help staff and volunteers understand their task

These tips have been compiled with suggestions and feedback from our recent workshop with AIM Visitor Verdict members.

For more tips from the workshop click here.

For any queries please contact Amy Randle, AIM Visitor Verdict Manager on: tel; 0207 400 0382 / email;


2 thoughts on “Visitor Verdict – Top Tips for Collecting Email Addresses

  1. Reblogged this on Museum Network Warwickshire and commented:

    Great advice – whether you are part of this scheme or not. Getting email addresses for newsletters, special offers … number crunching is key. You don’t have to employ expensive survey packages – it’s all about the face to face relationship (as always!). Why not check out Visitor Verdict too!

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