Advice for Trustees on Fundraising from Trustees Week

Last week was Trustees Week. There were some great blogs on the Trustees Week website, which is also full of good advice for Trustees of all types of organisations. We particularly liked this blog on the Trustee’s role in fundraising.

Trustees and Fundraising: Could you be doing more to boost your charity’s bottom line?

The article below has been written for Trustees’ Week by Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Standards Board– the self-regulatory body for charity fundraising in the UK.
Trustees Week is a chance to celebrate the critical role of charity trustees; their energy, drive and commitment to the organisations they work with and their beneficiaries. It is also an opportunity for trustees to take inspiration from other trustees and consider whether there is anything more that they can bring to the table, particularly when it comes to fundraising.After all, trustees have a big weight on their shoulders. Responsibility for the sustainability of the charity as a whole lies with them and that means understanding what funding is coming into the organisation just as well as how the charity is managing its expenditure. Sourcing funding is often one of the hardest and most important tasks for charities to master and as such we encourage all trustees to take an interest in how this is being done. … Trustees might not need to know how to fundraise themselves, but they certainly need to know that it is being done, that it is well managed and,ultimately, that it will enable the organisation to achieve its objectives.
Read more of the article on the Trustees Week blog.

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