Top tips on Accreditation and Collections Development

Really useful advice on Accreditation from Marches Network

The Marches Network

Accreditation logo tealLast week Fiona Mitchell Innes, Accreditation Advisor (East & West Midlands) and Becky Harvey, Flying Collections Assistant led an Accreditation seminar on effective collections development. It was a lively session with some brilliant advice shared by attendees.

Here are our fifteen top tips from the workshop.

  • Begin with your strategy and policies. Strategy is your driving influence and ensures you are focussed on the activities that are really important. Plans sit beneath the strategy.
  • Failing to plan… Ensure that your work on collections is included in your Forward Plan and allocate sufficient time for routine collections management tasks.
  • Your purpose guides everything. This is what you are all about. Your purpose should be focussed and concise. Your Collections Development Policy should support this mission (see animation below).
  • Don’t let it sit on a shelf. Keep all your collections policies and plans together in one file, but this should be a working folder not a…

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