Accreditation update

Urgent action needed if you have an Accreditation application in progress.

The Marches Network

Important update for Museums making Accreditation returns or new applications in the coming months

Accreditation logo tealMuseums making Accreditation returns/applications between now (mid October 2015) and the end of March 2015 should be aware that the Arts Council will be making changes to the online Accreditation forms on 23rd October 2014, which will result in any information currently stored via the online form being lost.

It is essential that museums in making submissions imminently download the Word version of the form and use this to prepare answers. These can then be copied and pasted into the new online form when it is available after October 25th 2015. If you have information already saved in the online form, please copy and paste it into the Word version of the form and save it.

On the 23rd October anything saved on the online form will be deleted so please make sure you…

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