New CEO of Charity Commission suggests changes are on the way

The new chief executive of the Charity Commission, Paula Sussex, gave her first external speech to the Charity Finance Summit earlier this month. David Ainsworth of Civil Society Governance looks at what her words suggest for the future of charity regulation.

Paula Sussex, the new chief executive of the Charity Commission, gave an impressive performance at the Charity Finance Summit. She said the right things, and promised to do the right things, and she did so in a way that made it believable that they would get done.

Sussex outlined a number of priorities for the Commission which the sector should be able to back. Top of the list was to toughen up on wrongdoers and get more proactive about tracking them down, using a specialist team and scrutiny of accounts, rather than waiting for complaints from the public, the press and other regulators.

She also suggested the Commission would have to stop being a friend to the sector, and be more aggressive in using its powers, rather than sending out polite letters. It was clear there will be much less interaction with charities and much less hand-holding. She promised that charities would stop getting “the benefit of the doubt” from the Commission.

Read more including a hint that charities may have to pay the Charity Commission in the future: Paula Sussex’s first speech suggests considerable change at the Charity Commission.


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