UK businesses encouraged to claim £3000 grants for better broadband

Government grants of up to £3000 for better internet connectivity are available to small businesses in 22 cities across the United Kingdom.

Businesses in 22 cities around the UK have until March 2015 to apply for a Government grant worth up to £3000 to start reaping the business benefits of faster broadband speeds and better connectivity. The 22 cities are Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry/Londonderry, Edinburgh, Leeds – Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport, Nottingham, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford and York.

The scheme allows businesses to apply for grants of up to £3,000 each to cover the costs of installing faster and better broadband. So far, almost 3,000 businesses in the UK’s “Superconnected cities” have received grants, with hundreds more currently going through the application process.

The grant, in the form of a voucher, is part of the government’s broadband transformation across the country, helping cities to create and attract new jobs and investment and make the UK the best place in the world to do business.

Benefits to businesses as a result of faster, better broadband include:

  • Growing and accessing new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers
  • Increasing security through fast secure back-up of data
  • Increasing productivity and improving customer service through faster upload and download speeds
  • Reduce the costs of software and hardware by benefiting from the option of online applications and data storage
  • Enhance the way you communicate and collaborate by accommodating colleagues, clients and partners on real-time video calls, and by sharing information on cloud-based software

Businesses can find out more about this offer and apply through the broadband connection vouchers website

Read more here.


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