National Sports Museum Online is launched

Last week the National Sports Museum Online was launched: and 30th September is National Sporting Heritage Day.

The aim of the website is to draw together information about all sporting collections in the UK, whether held in museums, archives, community venues, universities, by private collectors, etc.

The website is free of charge and you can set up your own page to let people know about your collection. There is also the facility to add upcoming events and share your activity with other users and the public.

In addition, you can also subscribe to a new email list: The email list aims to keep everyone talking about, sharing information about, and learning about, sporting heritage.

Finally, next week (30th September) is the National Sporting Heritage Day. There is lots of activity planned for this first year, but if you haven’t been able to join in this year, many organisations are already planning their 2015 activity and Justine Reilly (contact details below) is really keen to hear your ideas. More Information

Justine Reilly
Sporting Heritage Community Interest Company
Mob: 07971 008037
Twitter: @sportinghistory
Facebook: National Sporting Heritage Day


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