Research Shows Benefits of Being a Trustee

This article from Getting On Board, together with their great Trustee Infographic, shows the many different benefits that Trustees of all ages identify with their role.

Getting On Board interviews 200 trustees to establish the impact of volunteering:

 •  Bridging the Skills gap: All 18-24 year trustee respondents have learnt vital skills, and the vast majority (92%) of those out of work have built skills and boosted motivation

•  Tangible professional benefits: A quarter (22%) of trustees have had a promotion as a result of their board level volunteering

•  Employer benefits: Three quarters (85%) of bosses view trusteeship as an effective and low-cost way for staff to develop skills, with over half (62%) of firms seeing CSR benefits

•  Boosting happiness: Trusteeship makes people happy (82%), with three quarters (73%) admitting to  a boost in their confidence

 It’s official – being a trustee makes the UK’s professionals happier, more confident – and perhaps even richer.

 Getting On Board, the UK charity that helps promotes new leaders through trusteeship, has released new research that underlines the importance of trusteeship for professionals. Through 200 trustee interviews, it establishes that the benefits of trusteeship are not confined to the individual, with employers benefitting from increased expertise, skills and stronger corporate social responsibility programmes.

 The results reveal that for job seekers, trusteeship is more important than ever. 92% of trustees who are currently out of work said they felt being a trustee was building their professional skills and boosting their motivation. 73% of respondents said that a role on a charity board boosted their confidence.

Read the full article with lots more statistics and benefits here.


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