Autism body recognises museum

Thank you for referring to our blog in this article – hope more museums find it useful as there are simple, low cost ways you can make your museum more welcoming to autistic people and their families.

Swabs and Sensibility

I got my copy of the Museums Journal (September issue) today and I was thrilled to see the headline above in the News section. The Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon has become the first UK museum to win an Autism Access Award by the National Autistic Society.

National Autistic Society logo

This means that they are adapted to welcome both the autistic and their families and/or carers. They have dedicated trails, clearer signage, quiet spaces, and trained staff and volunteers. This is wonderful news to me – having many friends who are autistic themselves or have autistic children – and I sincerely hope this starts a trend amongst museums and other cultural venues in the UK (and abroad).

If you’d like to start adapting your museum to the needs of the autistic, this is a wonderful blog entry about low-cost ways to welcome people with autism to your institution. I really recommend…

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