Golden Rules of Governance #3

Day 3  – looking forward to the Golden Days of Autumn, here is our prescription for a healthy museum:  to be taken 2 per day over  five days.

  1. Meet up regularly!

  • Set up a clear protocol of regular informal meetings between the chairman, vice chairman and the senior staffer/volunteer etc. Include frequency, timings, duration, location, and outline agenda.
  • Use a degree of formality in reporting to the board and in recording board matters in proportion to the significance of issues and risks involved. Let there be no future misunderstanding!
  1. Go on an awayday!

Once a year take time out together to review objectively what you are doing and going to do. Take a chance to visit other people’s successes and their failures too.

 more tomorrow

You can also  find these 10 golden rules neatly packaged to download, ready to pin on your wall here:  . ‘Brass tacks’ not included.



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