Golden Rules of Governance #2

Day 2 … So, looking forward to the Golden Days of Autumn, here is our prescription for a healthy museum:  to be taken 2 per day over  five days.

  1. Allow not a cigarette paper to appear between the senior staffer/volunteer etc. and the Chair.

  • Ensure there are no surprises in public, ever, on either side by proper briefing before meetings and constant talking. Hammer out any differences in private in advance and by mutual agreement.


  1. Back the staff or sack ’em!

  • Back the staff totally, or sack if inadequate or un-trusted – no halfway house on this – don’t dither!
  • No by-passing or going round anyone, ever! Be open, honest and professional.

 more tomorrow

You can also  find these 10 golden rules neatly packaged to download, ready to pin on your wall here:  . ‘Brass tacks’ not included.


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