Golden Rules for Autumn #1: AIM style

Summer isn’t over yet, but the last week of August is often one of reflection and planning for the season to come. No better time, then, to revisit and reassess how well we govern our museums.

Years of hard-won experience reveal these 10 Golden Rules which form the basis for successful governance for all independent museums and galleries – large and small. Everyone faces exactly the same challenges, and these often boil down to the way we behave as governors, trustees, staff, and volunteers.

So, looking forward to the Golden Days of Autumn, here is our prescription for a healthy museum:  to be taken 2 per day for the next five days.

  1. Cleave obsessively to the goals of the charity

  • Be clear about the core objectives as defined in your constitution document, and commit to delivering them and only them.
  • Make sure that everyone knows regularly what the core goals are!
  • Trustees should understand they must only act in the charity’s interests.


  1. Make crystal clear the roles of the executive staff/ volunteers as opposed to the non-executive chairman/ trustees

  • Remember, the board sets the policy, the staff/ volunteers implement the policy – no mixture.
  • Form a workable partnership between the board and the senior staffer/volunteer etc. Each need each other.


more tomorrow

You can also  find these 10 golden rules neatly packaged to download, ready to pin on your wall here:  . ‘Brass tacks’ not included.




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