Three Industrial Heritage Events Coming Up in October

Asset Transfer for Industrial Heritage

The Ironbride Gorge Museum Trust – Saturday 18th October – FREE

This event, organised by Ian Bapty, Industrial Heritage Support Officer for England will be a practical overview, very much focussed on the particular issues and challenges of industrial heritage sites, and is intended for both relevant local authority staff and members of groups who may be considering taking on such assets. Speakers include Sir Neil Cossons and Ian Morrison (HLF).

For further information about this event please contact Ian Bapty

STICK Annual Conference 2014 (Scottish Transport and Industrial Collections Subject Specialist Network)

The Scottish Diaspora: International Mobility of Industry, Technology, Ideas, Products, People

18th October 2014  – McManus Collections Unit, Dundee – £12.00

Speakers & topics will include:

  • Mark Watson, Historic Scotland, Dundee Jute and the French Connection
  • Dr Douglas Harper, Bridges in Nepal: The Aberdeenshire Connection
  • John Martin, The Brewing Archive, Scottish Brewing: International Links
  • Dr Miles Oglethorpe, Historic Scotland, Glasgow Cranes: the Japanese Connection
  • Meg Luckins, Scottish Ironworking: the Russian Connection


A message from E-FAITH – the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage

2015 is approaching very fast, and the European campaign to promote the industrial heritage in the course of next year is already coming at cruising speed, kindling with enthusiasm a lot of associations and volunteers in many countries.
Please see the first briefing note about this campaign, which we would like you to forward – if possible – to other associations and to local authorities and press in your region, thus spreading the message.

Please also do note the meetings which already have been announced for the Autumn:
– a second workshop on factory chimneys, to be held in Roubaix (France), on August 29th and 30th – registration is open now
– the annual E-FAITH industrial heritage weekend is going to take place in Lyon (France), October 24-26th
At the end of the Summer we will send out a second briefing with updates.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you do have any question or if you would like to receive additional information !

secretariat @

p/a Vredelaan 72
B-8500   Kortrijk
Flanders – Belgium


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