The Collections Trust are looking for Creative Employment partners

Creative & Cultural Skills recently published a blog by Nick Poole, CEO of the Collections Trust, explaining why they are seeking partners to join their consortium application to the Creative Employment Programme.

In an increasingly competitive economy, all creative industries need to stay relevant to survive. For museums, refreshing and innovating our public offer depends on developing a thriving, diverse workforce – enabling people from all walks of life to build a career in our great cultural institutions. When many people think of a career in museums, they can be put off by the idea that they will need post-graduate degrees in history and fine art just to get their foot in the door. In reality, the modern museum sector demands a rich mix of creative, cultural and entrepreneurial skills. We need people who can inspire classrooms full of schoolchildren, deliver innovative programmes or build award-winning apps to help in the mission to engage as many people as possible in their cultural heritage.Read more of the blog here: The Collections Trust are looking for Creative Employment partners.

The blog goes on to explain that Collections Trust is looking for museum or cultural heritage institutions considering creating an apprenticeship in a collections-based role to join them in a consortium bid. Creative & Cultural Skills can provide financial support up to £1,500 or £2,000 per year (depending on the salary basis of the apprenticeship) and the Collections Trust is keen to add value to this by networking culture-sector employers and supporting the sharing of insights and experiences.

The deadline for expressions of interest in joining the Collections Trust’s consortium is Friday 29th August and CT encourage interested parties to make contact with them before then to discuss ideas and interest.

Find out more about the Collections Trust’s call for partners.



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