Energy Action Group saves members £114,000 so far

The AIM Energy Action Group has already saved 36 museums across the UK £114,000. ThisAIM EAG logo no text is just by identifying over payments they have made of Climate Change Levy.

Museums that have paid too much can claim back their over-payments for the past three years. If this rate of savings was replicated amongst all 1,000 AIM members then they could save over £3 million!

As well as helping identify over-payments of Climate Change Levy, the AIM Energy Action Group is helping museums and historic sites identify over-payments of VAT. VAT on fuel should usually  be charged at 5% to charities, rather than 20%.

The AIM Energy Action Group is a free, no obligation service that can help most museums and historic sites save money on their gas and electricity bills. As well as the services mentioned above those joining the group have the opportunity to get a free, no obligation quote for energy supplies from the bulk-buying energy basket, typically giving savings of 15% but sometimes much more.

ACT NOW: There are opportunities in August to get great prices on electricity contracts. There is still time to join. Contact the AIM Energy Action Group now on:

Tel: 029 2019 0260

Even if you are locked into a contract it is still worth registering with the AIM Energy Action Group. We can ensure you are paying the correct amount for VAT and Climate Change Levy as well as making sure that your contracts are properly terminated within the given window and having a new, no obligation quotation ready for you when the current contract ends. We also provide advice on some of the latest energy saving technologies.

Supported by Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland and the Welsh Government.

2 thoughts on “Energy Action Group saves members £114,000 so far

  1. Reblogged this on The Marches Network and commented:
    We worked with the Energy Action Group to reduce bills for our Greener Museums in the West Midlands. It’s great to see they are helping more museums reduce energy costs with AIM – what brilliant savings!

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