Zoo borrows from @CAFonline to develop Glamping Experience

The Charities Aid Foundation have published this example of how a loan they provided has helped a charitable zoo develop a glamping experience which is now earning income for the Trust.

AIM would like to hear from any museums that have taken loans to develop their offer or who are trying out glamping. Please use the comments or email tamalie@aim-museums.co.uk

CAF article about The Howletts Wild Animal Trust.

The Howletts Wild Animal Trust, a visitor attraction dedicated to the breeding and reintroduction of endangered animals to their native habitat, needed to develop its facilities and turn an exciting idea into a real revenue generator.

As an outdoor day visitor attraction, Howletts is very much at the mercy of the weather. They opened a top end overnight camping experience 7 years ago and quickly realised that there was a much bigger market for this type of experience.

Through searching websites looking for organisations sympathetic to charities, Howletts contacted CAF Bank to help.

A CAF Bank loan of £250,000 over three years has given Howletts essential funds for the development, freeing them up from relying on grants, donations or existing reserves to complete the project.

The loan has enabled them to venture into ‘glamping’ and Howletts have erected 13 tents for a 3, 5 or 7 day break. In their first year, they achieved over 90% occupancy. With the new tents, they are much less dependent on the vagaries of the weather and have continued to expand their short breaks business.

“Once we had the decision and written our business plan, we needed access to funds quickly and CAF were also eager to grasp the opportunity.

“We were impressed by the way the whole process was handled.  We were very passionate about our proposal and with a CAF Bank loan, we have been able to turn this into a success story.”
Jeremy Beatty, The Howletts Wild Animal Trust

If you want to develop new revenue streams like Howletts and are considering loan finance, call our charity loan experts now for a free consultation on 03000 123 444.



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